Two down, Two to go
Two cups have been played and only two more are coming up. The third cup will be played tonight! Don't forget you can still sign up. Have a look at this news for the final details.

Easter Nightcup #2

Fortunately the second nightcup ran better than the first one, and the final got underway at an earlier time than expected. In the first round we saw a surprising result: Mic', a finalist from the first cup, got eliminated by Arrayan. However, since Arrayan was unable to continue playing, Micro was allowed to continue after all. There it was Fragius who lost after an intense battle, even though Fragius was the better player on dirt! Spam was once again in the final, joined by two new finalists: Sheep and iiGneoN, who once again won against bikerbruun, but this time in the semi finals.
In the grand final, the race for 1st place was a lot closer than in the first cup. As the players came closer to the point limit of 100 points, it was once again Spam who gained ground on his opponents. Nonetheless in the end both him and Sheep were the finalists, racing for the win. It was Spam who finished ahead of the rest, getting his 2nd nightcup win in a row. After Sheep took the 2nd place, it were rETE and Micro remaining for the third spot. Just as Fragius prooved in the semi final, the dirt map was not Micro's strongest and that's what rETE took full advantage of, pushing Micro to his second 4th spot.

As for the ranking, the admins have decided to award Arrayan 5 points as well, even though he did not play the semi finals, he did win the first round.

1st Spam20 pts.
2nd Micro14 pts.
2nd Sheep14 pts.
4th rETE13 pts.
5th Cwookie9 pts.
6th Klaas8 pts.
7th Bruno7 pts.
7th Moldo7 pts.
9th pcK5 pts.
9th Yarisken5 pts.
9th ViperX5 pts.
9th Fragius5 pts.
9th Arrayan5 pts.
14th Willo2 pts.
14th Shappy2 pts.
14th Aedion2 pts.

As for the prizes, don't forget that the top 3 will win a premium account! The first place will get 3 months, the second place 2 months and the 3rd place 1 month!

Easter Nightcup 3 & 4

Two more cups are coming for you to proove your overall strength on speed, dirt and technical tracks! The new mappack, which is completely by players from the Benelux, has been announced in the previous news, but we will remind you here:

Fade to Dirt. by Row!e
Seek Something I've Lost by Roy
End of the Earth by Zipperke

Download second mappack!

Signup Easter Nightcup #3

Signup Easter Nightcup #4

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Moldo, Thursday, 21/04/11 00:24
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