Easter Nightcup #1 done, #2 tonight !
Last Thursday we hosted the first Easter Nightcup, and although we had some issues with the servers, in the end the cup ran smoothly. We can now announce the current rankings and the details for the upcoming cups. Don't forget that the second Easter Nightcup will be hosted today!

Easter Nightcup #1

Unfortunately we had some unforseen issues with the servers, but after some delay we finally got underway. After a few rounds it was clear that some people are definitely better on certain styles than others while it can be the complete opposite on the next style. In the end only four could make it to the finals, and in this cup it were Spam, Mic', Klaas and Cwookie. Spam was the clear winner, while it was closer for second place. Cwookie managed to take it, leaving Micro and Klaas in a close battle for third, which Klaas managed to take by winning a round by 0.01 on the speed map! Unfortunately we had some problems with the tournament tree but it will be fixed as soon as possible.

That makes the following ranking

1st Spam10 pts.
2nd Cwookie9 pts.
3rd Klaas8 pts.
4th Micro7 pts.
5th rETE5 pts.
5th Sheep5 pts.
5th pcK5 pts.
5th Yarisken5 pts.
9th Willo2 pts.
9th Shappy2 pts.
9th Bruno2 pts.
9th Moldo2 pts.

Easter Nightcup #2

The second Easter Nightcup will take place tonight! The same maps will be used as in the first cup;
Dirt Hunt 2 by master94ga
Technic Fail by KarjeN
Sunny Days.°13 by Dave

Of course you are still able to sign up and play tonight. We hope the cup will be done sooner than cup #1 so everyone can still go out afterwards! Don't forget that the overall top 3 of the Easter Nightcups will win premium accounts!

Download first mappack!

Signup Easter Nightcup #2

Third and fourth Easter Nightcup

Today we have opened signups for the third and fourth nightcup that will take place next Thursday and Saturday, same time as this week. As announced we will use new maps for those two cups. This week we can show you once again that the Benelux is full of talented mappers, by using a full benelux mappack!

Fade to Dirt. by Row!e
Seek Something I've Lost by Roy
End of the Earth by Zipperke

After tonight's cup you will be able to train these maps on a trainserver called "Easter Bunny Cup Tournament" hosted by Spam, located in the Netherlands - Zuid Holland. The login of the server is spamserver, in case you need to enter the server in your favourites.

Download second mappack!

Signup Easter Nightcup #3

Signup Easter Nightcup #4
Moldo, Saturday, 16/04/11 14:39
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