BLX CPS 2: First matchweek preview
The second edition of the Benelux Competition Premiership will kick off this week. Be sure to check out this news to see which matches we've got in store for you. We'd also like to use this as a reminder for some rules and regulations.

Group A

Group A starts with a nice match-up for the high seeded mainteam from DOK Gaming, who will face the international They Kick Ass. In the other match, we will see trololo fighting with the Belgian team WoRM! In the meanwhile, More Dimension Future will have an extra week to learn the maps.

Sunday, 30/01/11 20:00
Status: closed

  Mouse Control 1 (#3) [19:16]  They Kick Ass (#1)

Monday, 31/01/11 20:00
Status: closed

  trololo (#5) [21:2]  World of Race M.. (#11)

Group B

In group B we will see an interesting fight between the allround Dutch team Dutch Racing Squad and the allround Walloon Team ViP. In the other match DOK Gaming's second team will have to face one of the favourites for the title, the international powerhouse YoYoTech! Here it is the Belgian Pure Nitro that can train a little longer before their first match.

Sunday, 30/01/11 20:00
Status: closed

  Dutch Racing Sq.. (#10) [21:10]  VIP Team (Belgi.. (#12)

Sunday, 30/01/11 20:00
Status: closed

  Mouse Control 2 (#4) [9:16]  YoYoTECH.BLXCPS (#2)

Reminder of the rules

We'd like to remind you that filling in your gameaccount at ESL is required to play! We have noticed at least 11 players that still have an incorrect or missing gameaccount! If a player does not have a correct gameaccount, it is up to the opponent to forbid the player before the match. A protest after the match about missing or incorrect gameaccounts won't change the result of the match!

Team requirements!
As announced before, the team will be locked during the tournament to prevent any new players joining during the season. This lock will be done on Friday 23:59 CET. Make sure your team meets the requirements at that point, or you will receive penalty points. Penalty points can reduce your points in the final standings! We have noticed at least 1 team that still does not meet the requirements!

You can also receive minor penalty points for missing screenshots. Please remember to take a screenshot of the results and upload these at the matchpage.

Sunday, during or after the matches, we will release the two new maps. Remember that every team will have a week off sooner or later. Please have a look at the results page to see all upcoming matches as well. Please have a look at our previous newspost to see which maps will be played in those matches. Plan your training well!

If you have any questions remaining, please leave a comment, create a support ticket or contact us at #esl.tm.blx on irc.
Moldo, Thursday, 27/01/11 01:03
comments (7)
vind ik leuk
going to be a very interesting first match :)

go go DOK :D
vind ik leuk!
g0 g0
Good luck teams.
Any relays for DOK1 vs. TKA ?
GL&HF all!
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