BLX CPS 2 : Interviews
Want to relax and read a bit before you have to play an important match? Well this is your chance!

Our Benelux TMNF admin , RoB, is also a newswriter on Bescene.net, a website which provides eSports news globally, but also about the Benelux and Belgian scene.

So if you have nothing to do, why won't you read an interview or two? All captains of the teams got interviewed and Bescene is posting two interviews a week about the team captains , talking about their teams!

The interviews :
TKA - Hrmann : http://www.bescene.net/1603/ESL_BLX_CPS_2_Interview_Team-Captain_TKA_English_interview

YYT – Korre : http://www.bescene.net/1601/ESL_BLX_CPS_2_Interview_Team-Captain_YYT

ÐRS – Max : http://www.bescene.net/1594/ESL_Benelux_CPS_2_Interview_Team-Captain_RS

Worm – NightRaver : http://www.bescene.net/1593/ESL_Benelux_CPS_2_Interview_Team-Captain_WorM

More interviews will be posted as soon as possible! So keep a track at bescene.net if you want to see your favorited team interviewed.

RoB, Saturday, 05/02/11 13:57
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nice :)
well done Rob :)
nice rob :)
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