ENC 2010: Belgium.CSS vs Slovakia
Tonight the ENC 2010 Mainround starts for the Belgian CSS team. After an exciting game against Hungary in the fourth qualification round, tonight the real work starts where they'll be facing the strong Slovakia.

Being set in group B, Belgium faces a though job if they want to qualify for the play-off's. Once more they'll be playing the 2009 winner Germany (almost beaten by Belgium last year) and Denmark, both returning members in their group. To make it even harder Slovakia should be the third strong opponent, and let's not underestimate the Spanish & Italian line-up's.

Tuesday, 11/05/10 19:30
Status: closed

  Belgium (#6) [37:20]  Slovakia (#10)

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Belgium Team-Manager deStrO
Hello !

We meet tonight our Slovakian friends. It will be a hard match for us but we will do the best to beat them ! I hope that they will use Mumble :D

I think that we have all chance to win this match ! See you on the server :)

Line Up:






Slovakia Team-Captain PhP
Hello everyone,

this time we are facing might Belgium force who dares to challenge even mightier warriors, us. Either we will fall, die in glory, or we will come out as famous winners of this epic game. This is the day we've been waiting for. This day, our fate is decided. It us up to us, to decide. And cursed we be but we WILL WIN !!!!
fwiEt, Tuesday, 04/05/10 17:42
comments (6)
Good luck!
go belgium!!!
Aller la Belgique tt la team regard ;)
You go girls! Make daddy proud!
got delayed
belgique c'est les meilleur !
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