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  AVENUE Esports - HYPE  MAIN  id:  6518924

Name AVENUE Esports - HYPE
Shorthandle AVENUE
Registered since 12/01/12
Homepage http://www.avenue-esports.com
Headquarters  Europe
AVENUE Esports is an European multigaming organisation, formed in October 2011 and has continuously grown since its origin. Our goal is to connect gamers in a pleasant and nice community while maintaining a high level of dedication and skill. We seek players with talent and potential, whom with our support can become stars of tomorrow.
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Latest matches
  Arctic Combat 5on5 World Championship EU Qualifier 2
loss   In memory of Beta-Gaming/iPlay  0 Sunday, 14/10/12 16:00 1
wins   EQUINOX  + 2 Sunday, 14/10/12 15:00
wins   (bye)  Sunday, 14/10/12 14:00
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