ROCCAT Autumn Challenge StarCraft II
Leaves are starting to drop, but we'll off course keep on gaming this whole autumn. Get yourself ready for the ROCCAT Autumn Challenge 2012! Sign up to participate in these fully featured tournaments here on ESL Benelux and prepare to master your challenge.

The ROCCAT Autumn Challenge

During this autumn we'll be presenting you with a fully featured league consisting out of a group-stage, out of which the top two will qualify for the playoffs. The participants in the playoffs will be competing against each other for the prizes. The signups will open later this week and the first matchweek is set to start at Sunday the 21st of October. Keep an eye on your game-section for more information.


Like in the Summer league, we will start with a groupstage. Depending on how many sign ups we will have, we will create groups. After the groupstages we will have a bracket format. More information will be announced shortly!

Sign up


You can signup for the challenge until 17/10/2012 - 23:59.

All replays must be uploaded. This is the responsibility of the person who won. You can upload replays via match media.

Holidays: In case you are going on holiday, please, contact all your opponents before you leave. You can play before or after your holiday. Also, add a comment in the match so the admins knows.

Make a protest in case of a no-show, bad manners, contact problems, unavailability from your opponent or any other case.

Behaviour: Please be nice to your fellow players; if anyone is showing bad manners or insults, please fill in a protest. If you break a rule, you will get penalty points, according to your action(s).



The Prizes

On the left side you can see the famous and exclusive Autumn-Award that will be available for the winner of the tournament. In addition to this exclusive award the Autumn Challenge wouldn't be a ROCCAT Autumn Challenge with off course some great prizes for the top 3 teams in each game provided by ROCCAT, which will be announced shortly in each game section.

Your Admin Team
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Any news? I can't see anymore who signed up btw.
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