BLX StarCraft II, what would you like?
A new schoolyear means the start of a new gaming year. We want to know what sort of tournaments and league you like. Vote at our poll and/or give us any feedback where we can improve!

New season!

For our new season of StarCraft II at the ESL Benelux we would like to know what tournaments and leagues you like. There are many different formats available.
We made a poll to decide which is most popular. You can vote up to 5 times. The poll will start the 3rd of September and will end the 22nd of September. Besides that you can give us feedback. where can we improve? Or how we can make it more comfortable at ESL for you? Let us know!

Vote now!

Let us know what you want and maybe we will play your format!

ESL Benelux StarCraft II Thanks you for your vote!
Any suggestions or want to share something? Let an admin know!

Your Admin Team
CherrYmooN, Monday, 03/09/12 11:40
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