King of Maps #1
A new event at StarCraft II Benelux. Read more about it in this newspost.

King of Maps #1

This week we will have a new concept. King of Maps. This edition will have 7 cups with each 1 map. All games are Best of 1, even the final. At the end of the week we will play a Best of 7 between the 2 players who have the most cup wins in this week. In case there are more than 2 players having the most wins, we will go to a 4 player bracket, with first round BO3. All 7 maps will be played in this final. The date for the final will be announced after the 7 cups.

Maps and Sign up

Monday - ESL Antiga Shipyard
Tuesday - ESL Cloud Kingdom
Wednesday - ESL Daybreak
Thursday - ESL Metropolis
Friday - ESL Ohana
Saturday - ESL The Grid
Sunday - ESL Discord


We do not have a large cash amount or insane gear stuff. The winner of the final cup, will receive one month free premium and ofcourse the fame of being the first King of Maps!


For these tournaments we have our very own stream, ESL Benelux TV. Michaël "Azzurri " De Borre will cast. You can find our stream at:
ESL Benelux TV

For these tournaments we also have a second stream, MinionOD.
You can find his stream at: MinionOD

Contact & Admins

BNet: esl.blx.sc2
mIRC: #esl.blx.sc2

The admins for the qualifiers are:
ESL|CherrYmooN, ESL|Hedidit and ESL|Miserie.

You can find their ESL profiles at:
CherrYmooN, Hedidit and Zynne

If you have any problems during, after or before the cup, do not hesitate to contact them!

More information and updates

Want to know more about ESL Benelux StarCraft II? Visit the StarCraft II Portal for more information and the latest updates!

Your Admin Team.
CherrYmooN, Friday, 08/06/12 16:42
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