StarCraft 2 Admins Wanted!
StarCraft II is one of the busiest and most important games on the ESL. Therefore, we are looking for more smart, hard working and reliable admins, to join our admin team and support this great game. If you think you have what it takes, and could be a useful addition to join the admin team, read the requirements and write an application!

Here, at the Electronic Sports League we are always searching for enthusiastic and highly motivated individuals to join our admin team. Whether you're a new player or long time veteran you can help out and make a difference in the StarCraft II community.

Benelux Starcraft II Admin Team!

The current admin team is looking for more people to join our forces! Starcraft II on ESL is simply growing larger and we need more man to fill these hours!

Who are we looking for?

Match Admins
Most important of all on evenings are match admins. The contact for all players in cups and leagues to answer questions related to their matches. For this job, you are willing to spend an evening for the Starcraft II community to run along with cups.

This involves:
- Supporting users in the cup chat
- Entering results
- Hosting matches
- Resolving conflicts

News Staff
Events without promotion never reach the audience you are looking for. Therefore, we are as well looking for people that are willing to make the news posts on ESL, but also people that are up to date with other Stracraft II events outside of ESL. You should somewhat know the community.
But most important of all is that you are capable of writing nice-to-read articles and news posts.

What do I get for adminning?

The main reward of being an admin is being able to contribute to the community. However large or small, one person makes a difference!

If there is something you would like to see improved on the ESL or you have ideas for new ladders, leagues or cups, it is much easier to make it happen as part of the admin team.

Being an admin is purely voluntary. All admins get free ESL Premium, and sometimes have the opportunity to go admin at ESL events or other rewards.

What are the requirements?

~> At least 18 years of age (exceptions may be given for outstanding applications!)
~> A good level of English is required!
~> Previous experience playing on the ESL, preferably StarCraft II
~> A good knowledge of the game and the scene
~> A sense of responsibility, reliability and flexibility
~> Neutrality and objectivity in decision making
~> Understanding the nature of conflicts and being able to resolve them
~> Capability of working in a team

If you feel ready to rock the ESL and join this great family of fellow gamers, send your application today: Admin Application.

And remember, this is the Benelux section of the ESL, so your application must be written in English!

Your Admin Team
DRAX, Tuesday, 08/05/12 18:16
Admin Application
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