StarCraft II World Championship Series Netherlands Qualifier #3
Will the StarCraft II World Champion 2012 be from The Netherlands? In cooperation with ESL, Blizzard is launching a world-spanning series of events. Local champions from all over the globe will have their shot at becoming the StarCraft II World Champion 2012.

This is your chance to represent The Netherlands in the StarCraft II World Championship Series. But first, we must find our Champions!

How to qualify?

In order to qualify yourself for the StarCraft II Belgian or Dutch Championship your first step will be to play in one of our four qualifiers. All skills levels are welcome! For more information check out:
(Dutch announcement)

Third cup

Qualifier #3: Sun 29/04/2012 19:30 (signup - bracket - members)


We will use the following maps:
WCS_Daybreak LE, WCS_Ohana LE, WCS_Cloud Kingdom LE, WCS_Metropolis LE, WCS_Antiga Shipyard, Tal'darim Altar LE, WCS_Shakuras Plateau


To decide the first, second (and third map) we will use the following veto system:
Player 1 vetoes 1 map out of 7 maps in the map pool.
Player 2 vetoes 1 map out of 6 maps left in the map pool
Player 1 vetoes 1 map out of 5 maps left in the map pool
Player 2 vetoes 1 map out of 4 maps left in the map pool
Player 1 picks the first game map out of 3 maps left in the map pool
Player 2 picks the second game map out of 2 maps left in the map pool.
1 map left in the map pool will be the third game map.
The first game will be created by Player 1 and the winner of each game will create the next game. However for the stage match, observer and/or shout caster will create the games.


BNet: esl.blx.sc2
mIRC: #esl.blx.sc2


The admins for the qualifiers are:
ESL|CherrYmooN, ESL|Drax, ESL|Hedidit and ESL|SerDiuk

If you have any problems during, after or before the cup, do not hesitate to contact them!


We present 2 streams, so don't miss a thing!
ESL Benelux TV

We wish all players a lot of luck and fun during the National Championship!
Your Admin team
DRAX, Friday, 27/04/12 13:03
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