BNL Funcup #1
This week we have our first BNL Funcup. For more information, read this post.
BNL Funcup #1
This week we will have our first Benelux Funcup. For our first cup, we decided to play a Best of One cup, with the old maps.


All games are Best of One

The first match is set at your matchdetails.

All replays need to be uploaded.

Double Elimination.

The details

BNL Funcup #1

Sign up now!

(Check-in: 19:00 - 19:20 CEST)
Check-in is first come, first serve.
Be there on time to make sure you do not miss out!
Sign up until 19:20 CEST
Date: Thursday, 31st May
Start: 19:30 CEST
Size: 16 players
Structure: Double Elimination

Basic rules:

Maps: See leagueinfo
Teamsize: 1on1
Mode: Best of One
Bnet channel: esl.blx.sc2

Beginners guide to signing up:

Register on ESL
Enter your SC2 bnet ID (e.g. Henk#321)
Enter a contact method (MSN, Skype, IRC, etc.) 
Click the sign up link!

See the cup information page for more details


For these tournaments we have our very own stream, ESL Benelux TV. Michaël "Azzurri " De Borre will cast. You can find our stream at:
ESL Benelux TV

For this tournaments we have a second stream, MinionOD.
You can find his stream at: MinionOD

Map list

Blistering Sands
Delta Quadrant
Deser Oasis
Kulas Ravine
Lost Temple
Scrap Station
Steppes of war
Xel Naga Caverns

Contact & Admins

BNet: esl.blx.sc2
mIRC: #esl.blx.sc2

The admins for the qualifiers are:
ESL|CherrYmooN, ESL|DRAX, ESL|Hedidit and ESL|Miserie.

You can find their ESL profiles at:
CherrYmooN, DRAX, Hedidit and Zynne

If you have any problems during, after or before the cup, do not hesitate to contact them!

Your Admin Team.
CherrYmooN, Monday, 28/05/12 15:49
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Old map pool, amazing! :D
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