1on1 Nightcups : Welcome Back !
ESL announces the return of the Nightcup concept! This will be regular hosted cups for those who enjoy an evening filled with zergs, terrans and protoss action!

Return of the Nightcups !

We are happy to announce the return of the Nightcups, which are going to be hosted every week !

All information about the "cups" are listed below! The 1on1 Nightcups are offered cups for all players in the Benelux, despite your skill level, experience or settings. All players are free to join the cup and play against your fellow starcraft II players!

Requirements to Sign Up Players have to add a Starcraft 2 Game Account
Players have to be from the Benelux
Information Begin date: Next Week
Available Slots: Max 32 Players
Tournment Mode: Single elimination
Match Mode: Best of Three (Bo3)
Game Starcraft 2


Start Time: The cup will start at 19:30

The maps will be : ESL Antiga Shipyard; ESL Cloud Kingdom; ESL Shakuras Plateau; ESL GSL Daybreak; ESL Tal'darim Altar; ESL Entombed Valley; GSL_Metropolis.

Game - Format : All games will be best of 3. The first map will be decided by ESL, the second and third map are losers pick.

Bnet Channel : Do NOT FORGET to JOIN the Bnet channel : esl.blx.sc2

Replays : Replays must be uploaded directly after the match. You are responsible for uploading the replay of each map you win. Not doing so can result in 1 penalty point for each missing replay.

Remember : With a cup size from 32 players, the winner will win 1 month ESL Premium

Admins support

How to contact an Admin if you have any question or problem ?? :

An SC2 admin can be found in #esl.blx on quakenet (mIRC). The current admin on mIRC is DRAX.

You can contact us by Support Ticket.

We are looking for Admins

Would you like to help to run the Cups at the ESL SC2 section? You know exactly what the SC2 community needs and you would love to be a dedicated ESL admin? Then Apply now!

Your Admin Team
DRAX, Thursday, 05/04/12 07:25
Admin Application ! Join us !
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