New actions against WAC denier and false scores
We've just released a small update for VERSUS, which keeps an sharp eye on Party members of Anti Cheat deniers and intentional false voters. Some partys let one of their members play without ESL Wire Anti-Cheat. Therefore we will expand the penalty to the whole party. Furthermore we increased the penalty points for people, who are intentionally entering false scores.

Party members without WAC

If a member of a party plays without ESL Wire Anti-Cheat, the whole party won't get points for a victory. This prevents fake and cheat accounts from pushing their party members. Lost points due to a defeat remain, of course.


Entered the wrong score

From now on players who entered the false score will receive a 30 points penalty instead of 15, when someone can verify the correct score via VETO. This will prevent some players from always voting for their team, since the penalty points weren't much higher than the lost points due to a defeat.


Your ESL Admin Team
FuRaX, Thursday, 31/05/12 16:33
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