Fingers crossed for burnedd and Baksteen!
The European Championship is coming closer! National qualifiers have come to an end and Qualification Rounds will kick off! For Benelux two players will come in action during tomorrows Qualifier. EPS Season4 winner burnedd and EPS player Baksteen.

burnedd vs Makie

Wednesday, 22/09/10 22:00
Status: closed

  burnedd (#10) [23:23]  Makie (#22)

Our EPS champion will face of versus the Croatian player Makie. Makie has been around for quite some time in the Quake scene and gained a lot of experience during the years. In the Croatian Qualifiers he demolished his opponents and qualified without any problems. Out of recent matches, we know Makie can stand his man against top players. If it will be a "makie" for burnedd will be known tonight!

Baksteen vs cdv

Wednesday, 22/09/10 13:30
Status: closed

  Baksteen (#12) [28:6]  cdv (#24)

Baksteen will face an Italian player called cdv. cdv is a known player from the Quake3 scene and also played for Italy during the last ENC Qualifiers. He ended second in the Italian National Qualifiers after spartaz0rd from who he lost on Lost World and Vertical Vengeance. Fingers crossed for Baksteen and lets hope we have an other Benelux player in the second Qualification round!
kwatsch, Wednesday, 22/09/10 00:49
IEM Quake Live Qualification
Intel Extreme Masters
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go Burnedd!
Gl peeps :-)
Gl both :)
Use my spot well baksteen ;)
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"If it will be a "makie" for burnedd will be known tonight"

goodjob baksteen :))
congratulation Baksteen!
Congracz to burnedd as well, seems like it wasn't a makie at all :)
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