Wednesday, 31/08

Quake Live | 01:42
EMS IX - Quake Live QualifiersThe ninth season of the EMS has been announced. As previous times, Quake Live will be one of the games, but this time not with TDM, but Duel! 2 Benelux players can qualify for the 2nd Qualifier Round of the EMS IX. As the cups will run separate, this means that one Belgian and one Dutch player qualify! Do you have what it takes to represent our nation in the EMS IX, then sign up now!!!

Monday, 14/02

Quake Live | 11:01
Winter League starts tonight!The second seasonal league for Quake Live Benelux will kick off this week. 16 participants signed up and are divided into 4 groups. From each group, the first two will advance to a single elimination playoff bracket!

Monday, 07/02

Quake Live | 10:48
Night Cup #11Our 11th Night Cup will kick off tonight! It will be our first Night Cup in a series of 3 to get a hold on the one month Premium! The full concept of the rankings can be found in an other news post linked to at the bottom of the page.

Monday, 24/01

Quake Live | 22:47
Fixed Night Cups!!!From February on, Quake Live Benelux will have fixed dates in a month on which Night Cups will be held! Participating in it can lead to free Premium and a spot in our Hall of Fame. Premium will not necessarily go to the best player, since the active players can obtain points as well!

Thursday, 20/01

Quake Live | 16:26
Quake Live Winter CupWe are glad to announce our second long-time event: the winter cup 2011. If you are looking for some entertainment this winter, this is the chance for you. We will host winter cups in almost all of our games. This will take place during the next weeks and provides our popular winter cup award for the winners.

Thursday, 13/01

Quake Live | 14:53
NightCup #10It has been a while... our latest NightCup dates from July 2010. Activity has been slacking a lot since our latest NightCup at Quake Live Benelux. It's time to bring changes! To get in shape again, we will kick off with our 10th NightCup.

Wednesday, 12/01

Quake Live | 12:55
Autumn League - Winners known!Our Autumn League has come to an end. Ten players took part with only one goal, winning the Autumn Cup and taking the prizes. draven, Weird, Baksteen and xEnDleSSx reached the playoffs and fought for at least a place in the top3. draven came out as the strongest after beating Weird in the Final. For the 3rd and 4th place Baksteen and xEnDleSSx battled it out. Baksteen came out as the winner!

Monday, 06/12

Quake Live | 22:15
Autumn Cup playoffs on the way!The end of the Autumn Cup is near. Four Dutch players qualified for the final rounds. This mean no Belgian can come out as the strongest! draven and Weird topped the groups followed by xEndLesSx and Baksteen. The champ of our Autumn Cup 2010 will be known within two weeks!

Monday, 25/10

Quake Live | 01:30
draven and dem0n to the rescue!The Intel Extreme Masters are about to kick off. The thirty best Quake Live players will fight against each other in 6 groups. For Benelux we have two representatives. The Dutch player "draven" and the Belgian player "dem0n". draven has been auto qualified while dem0n had to prove himself in the Last Chance Cup #2 to qualify!

Sunday, 24/10

Quake Live | 14:46
Quake Live Autumn CupWe are glad to announce our first long-time event: the autumn cup 2010. If you are looking for some entertainment this autumn, this is the chance for you. We will host autumn cups in almost all of our games. This will take place during the next weeks and provides our popular autumn cup award for the winners.

Wednesday, 13/10

Quake Live | 12:29
Pro Series RelegationsEven though we didn't reach the ESL Pro Series, we will continue with the regular groups. Our aim is set for EPS6 now! On Sunday the relegations will take place for the last 2 spots in the Pro Series. Currently six players are known and two will be added from the Pro Series Relegations!

Tuesday, 05/10

Quake Live | 18:22
3 Benelux players in IEM QR #2!On six October, three of our top notch Benelux players get a chance to reach the Intel Extreme Masters! Lets hope and pray! One thing is sure... it will not be easy for all 3 to reach the IEM!

Tuesday, 28/09

Quake Live | 12:55
Quake Live: PURRI takes season 2!The second 1st Division season has come to an end! PURRI is the unbeaten champion in this seasons and earned himself a ticket towards the highest league! In the first 1st Division season, Weird already secured his place between the top Benelux players.

Wednesday, 22/09

Quake Live | 00:49
Fingers crossed for burnedd and Baksteen!The European Championship is coming closer! National qualifiers have come to an end and Qualification Rounds will kick off! For Benelux two players will come in action during tomorrows Qualifier. EPS Season4 winner burnedd and EPS player Baksteen.

Tuesday, 07/09

Quake Live | 14:19
ESL Amateur Series - New Season!Next Sunday we will kick off with a new season of our Amateur Series! The Amateur Series is the first step towards the Professional Series! In the Professional Series the best players from Benelux play for some desirable prizes. If you have what it takes to belong to the best or you just want to have some fun, do not hesitate to sign up! This season will be a short one, so taking part in it will bring you one step closer towards EPS within no time!

Tuesday, 06/07

Quake Live | 12:45
NightCup #9 is on it's way!After successfully ending our first EPS Season, it's time to raise activity again at ESL Quake Live Benelux! On the upcoming Monday, our 9th Night Cup will take place! In our last NightCup the Grand Final was played between Belgian player "burnedd" and Dutch player "Weird". Who will be the next winner of our NightCup and reach our Hall Of Fame?

Monday, 05/07

Quake Live | 22:08
The road to EPS *REMINDER*The first Quake Live EPS Season has come to an end! Did you follow EPS Season 4 and do you want to make a chance to play on stage like the top4 did? Do not hesitate to sign up in our EAS Ladder. This is the first step towards EPS! A further description towards EPS has been written down below!

Wednesday, 19/05

Quake Live | 14:26
Your way to EPS!The first EPS Season for Quake Live kicked off last week. Eight top Benelux players are fighting for the title of Best Quake Live Benelux player! Who it will be, will be known end June. If you have what it takes to be a top Benelux player, do not hesitate to join our Amateur Series Ladder!

Tuesday, 04/05

Quake Live | 00:52
QL EPS Players known!Tonight the first playday in our EPS S4 Playoffs took place. This day already decided who the last six players in the EPS S4 will be. Believe it or not, but all the players qualified through EPS Playoffs are Dutch! However, the Belgians described themselves in the EAS ladder, "small but plucky", by securing the first 2 autoqualified spots.

Sunday, 02/05

Quake Live | 13:24
EPS S4 Playoff Bracket OnlineToday our last match in the EAS ladder will be played to determine the final ranking. On Monday the first 4 rounds in our EPS Playoffs will be played! On Tuesday the last 4 rounds will be played to determine the final spots in EPS S4.

Friday, 30/04

Quake Live | 12:26
Third autogenerated matches onlineTo end of our EAS ladder is near. To decide the final standing of the ladder, our final match is generated for this Sunday 2 May at 21:00 May! Please keep in mind that those match can not be rescheduled to a later day. The snapshot will be taken on Sunday night, this means all those matches must be played before or at Sunday.

Tuesday, 27/04

Quake Live | 13:32
Second autogenerated matches onlineAccording to the planning, here is the second list of Auto-generated matches set for Wednesday April 28th at 21:00. As previously announced there's a 1 week delay in the EAS snapshot, with this week being an extra open-challenge week. Sunday is the deadline for manual challenges.

Tuesday, 20/04

Quake Live | 13:36
First autogenerated matches onlineThe first matches are online and are set for Monday 26 April at 21:00. Due to the delay, this week the manual challenges are still possible. They will be closed on Sunday.

Friday, 16/04

Quake Live | 14:01
The last run towards EPS!With Sunday being the last day manual challenges can be done. We decided to keep a Crazy Sunday League. Not the best, but the most active player will be rewarded! The only thing you need to do is, playing as much matches as possible!

Thursday, 15/04

Quake Live | 00:18
Night Cup #8 - ResultsOur 8th Night Cup went live tonight! 2 Belgians and 6 Dutch players fought for one month Premium and a place in our Hall of Fame.

Thursday, 01/04

Quake Live | 17:19
EPS QuakeLive Qualification InformationA few days ago the four official EPS games have been announced. Quake Live isn't one of them, but we will have our own supported EPS with hardware prizes and LAN finals! Everyone has the chance to qualify for our EPS through our EAS ladder. If you didn't sign up yet, do not hesitate to do so! How to qualify and the requirements for EPS can be found here.

Tuesday, 30/03

Quake Live | 11:28
NightCup #8It has been a while since we announced our last Night Cup, but we are back! This time the Night Cup will be held on Monday! In our 7th Night Cup Dem0n took the upperhand above Baksteen. Which nation will end first this NightCup? Belgium or The Netherlands?! Everything will be known on Monday 5 April.

Friday, 19/03

Quake Live | 12:23
EAS Rules reminderQuake Live will have his own supported EPS. Qualifying for EPS is done through the EAS ladder. However, a few things should be made clear...

Tuesday, 16/03

Quake Live | 15:39
EMS VI Quakelive : Qualify now!The fifth season of the EMS is over, but it's already time to start playing some Quakelive again. Here are the informations about the EMS VI Quakelive TDM and its qualification. You would like to play in the highest level European competition in the Electronic Sports League? Really? Just check out this news and sign up for the four qualification cups in March and April!

Thursday, 25/02

Quake Live | 01:01
Amateur SeriesA few days ago an official announcement has been made regarding the ESL Pro Series. Do you want Quake Live in? Then start playing! Our "Weekly" ladder is your way towards EPS!
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