Friday, 24/05

PlayStation 3 | 12:51
NK Gaming 2013: Last FIFA13 Qualifier!Those who still have ambition to play on the prestigious NK Gaming Championship. This is your LAST chance! Already 8 players are known... during our third and final qualifier, the last 4 spots will be divided. So, if you are a passionate FIFA13 player, then do not hesitate to sign up! Who knows... maybe you come out as the best Dutch FIFA13 player on the 9th of June.

Wednesday, 15/05

PlayStation 3 | 13:26
NK Gaming 2013: FIFA 13 (PS3) QualifiersThe NK Gaming is the national championship of the Netherlands. ESL Benelux is proud to be hosting the online qualifiers for 2013. The winners of the qualifier cups will qualify themselves for the NK Gaming event.

Monday, 06/05

PlayStation 3 | 18:30
FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013 FinalsBetween the 6th and the 8th of May, the 21 best players in FIFA 13 will play against eachother in Madrid where the final of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013 will be held. The FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013 is the most anticipated event of the year for the esports community playing on the virtual fields.

Sunday, 31/03

PlayStation 3 | 12:29
FIFA13 Autumn Challenge Winners!With a small delay, the winners of our ROCCAT Autumn Challenge are finally known... Last_Be takes the head prize away! In the final he beat FloRiM with 1-3. Pxl. fulfills the top 3 after a forfeit victory claim over kwatsch. In total our Autumn Challenge had 20 contestants, 12 contestants went to the playoffs, 11 Belgians and 1 Dutch-guy. The podium was for 3 Belgians. Up to our next cup!

Saturday, 02/02

PlayStation 3 | 19:28
The Belgium will fight against the CZE & FR (PC)As you have seen in the last news, our National Team Belgium FIFA 13 is now ready for two showmatchs before the National World Challenge.

Saturday, 29/12

PlayStation 3 | 00:06
FIFA13 Autumn Challenge PlayoffsWith a little delay, the ROCCAT Autumn Challenge is finally reaching its final stage. Twelve players are still in the running on winning some nice ROCCAT gear, a spot in our Hall of Fame and the Autumn Award. A strict schedule will be used during the playoffs. For each round, there is one week planned, it is up to the player to make sure everything runs at time!

Friday, 28/12

PlayStation 3 | 15:51
FIFA13 X-MAS CupChristmas festivities of the year 2012 are almost over... only two big parties to go for the Benelux FIFA-players. Upcoming Monday the last party of the year is scheduled, from Old to New! BUT, before this great party, it's time to show some FIFA skill in our X-MAS Cup. Take part and win a nice Christmas award.

Saturday, 06/10

PlayStation 3 | 22:58
FIFA13 ROCCAT Autumn ChallengeThe first time in ESL Benelux history, a none pc game is taken into the list of top games. FIFA13 on PlayStation3 will be part of the ROCCAT Autumn Challenge. Do you have what it takes to be the first winner of our first FIFA13 league, then do not hesitate to sign up and who knows... maybe you are one of the players who takes a ROCCAT prize with you!

Tuesday, 03/07

PlayStation 3 | 16:40
FIFA12 (PS3) MMC - JulyAre you an active player here in the FIFA12 PS3 section? Every month we will reward the most active player through the Most Matches Competition. Find out which ladder will be used this month! All you need to do is play matches in the selected ladder, if you are the most active player, you win!

Friday, 15/06

PlayStation 3 | 12:48
FIFA12 (PS3) Summer SeasonOfficially Summer already started, but here at ESL Benelux the Summer Season kicks off the 1st July. So keep up the bravery for the last exams and then start preparing for the Summer Season. FIFA12 PS3 will host four qualifiers in which everyone can participate. Do you reach top4? Then you qualify for the final bracket in which 16 players will play for the prizes.

Monday, 11/06

PlayStation 3 | 00:31
FIFA12 (PS3) Surprise CupsA new concept will be launched in our FIFA12 PS3 section. The "Surprise Cup", a cup in which all Benelux players can participate. What is the clue? Five minutes before the start of the cup, a random team will be announced (e.g. Oud-Heverlee Leuven). Everyone is supposed to play with this team. The top3 of each cup gets a spot in our Hall of Fame.

Tuesday, 05/06

PlayStation 3 | 19:15
FIFA13 on E3Electronic Arts has officially announced news of FIFA13. FIFA13 will deliver game play innovation that capture all the drama and unpredictability of real world football. These innovations are inspired on Lionel Messi. Messi personifies their all new complete dribbling with his artistry and his touch. He defines the new attacking intelligence with his creativity he expresses across the pitch.

Thursday, 31/05

PlayStation 3 | 13:35
FIFA12 (PS3) Most Matches CompetitionAre you an active player here in the FIFA12 PS3 section? Every month we will reward the most active player through the Most Matches Competition. Find out which ladder will be used this month! All you need to do is play matches in the selected ladder, if you are the most active player, you win!

Wednesday, 23/05

PlayStation 3 | 16:54
FIFA12 (PS3) Why Play Ladder Matches?As the ESL Benelux FIFA12 (PS3) does not host cups every day, the perfect alternative is our "head-to-head" ladder. Competitive playing has never been this simple... You interested? Then read through this post and learn everything about our Head-to-Head Ladder! Your FIFA12 PS3 gaming experience at ESL Benelux will be 100 times better.

Monday, 14/05

PlayStation 3 | 23:17
FIFA12 (PS3) OC winnersThe Openings Cup has a winner and it is a full Belgian podium. Robbynho came out as the strongest after beating Arne in the final. sep0r completes it by a 3rd place victory over kwatsch. Hopefully those Dutchies will stand up in our next cups and capture some prizes?

Wednesday, 09/05

PlayStation 3 | 11:56
FIFA12 (PS3): European ChampionshipIn June the European Championship kicks off! Also here at ESL... From Monday 21st May it is possible to take part in any of our team qualifiers.So, if you want to play with Spain, sign up and win the qualifier! It will be your team during the EK2012 here at ESL. Remember... you need to win the team qualifier to play with the team, so don't bet on one qualifier only. Also keep in mind that one qualifier is played in one evening.

Monday, 07/05

PlayStation 3 | 16:15
FIFA12 (PS3): Openings CupThe finishing touch to our FIFA12 PS3 section is being made. On Monday 14th May the section will officially kick off with the Openings Cup. Straight away an award and ESL Premium will be given away to the winner and... if there are more than 32 participants, place 2 and 3 will be awarded as well! So, summon all your FIFA12 friends to participate and who knows... maybe you are the first player to reach our Hall of Fame!

Thursday, 03/05

PlayStation 3 | 12:27
"Like us" on Facebook!Are you a fan of Facebook? Then do not hesitate to "like us"! Once you are following us, it will be so much easier for you to stay tuned about our cups and leagues. Besides... once you "Like us", you have all the info you need on one of your favourite pages. Less clicks, more fun!
PlayStation 3 | 11:55
FIFA (PS3) Admins WantedThe PS3 FIFA12 section has been launched! As it is not possible to admin all cups and leagues by one admin, the section is searching for extra manpower! A lot of different cups and leagues are planned for the next months. Your helping hand can make a lot of difference in our section. So... don't hesitate and apply now!!!
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