ServaNt vs. zionLLL
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MatchID 20059301
Date Tuesday, 19/10/10 21:00
Calculated 20/10/10 20:29
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0 : 1
0 : 1
zionLLL wins !
Points 0 : +3
20/10/10 20:38
Replay - - zionLLL
40 kB, 20/10/10 20:38, by zionLLL
20/10/10 20:38
Replay - - zionLLL
43 kB, 20/10/10 20:38, by zionLLL
16/10/10 11:42

zion en ik spelen al SC2 samen sinds beta en kennen elkaars speelstijl dust best goed. Zion is het beste in z'n macro style en ook ik ben beter in de wat langere games. Dit betekent dat er een goede kans is dat we lange macro games te zien gaan krijgen. Maar in een spel weet je het nooit dus we zullen zien.

20/10/10 20:37
Pre Match Statement
I'm looking forward to this match the most .
As u read in servy's statement we are good friends .
He has helped me prepare vs ntt & sunshine .

I really hope we can give u guys some epic games .
Cuz our practice games average around 40 minutes time .

In our practice games we only play on metapolis , so i hope i can pull some funky maps on unplayed grounds .

This match will b live streamed so i suggest all of you guys tune in on Big T's stream and i hope we can deliver .


Post Match Statement .
GG's man, looks like were prolly both going to utrecht!!
comments (3)
Tomorrow 19:30 - 20:00 will the match begin.
2-0 for zion, i cba to play anymore in this trash game that requires 0 skill but wp for zion nonethless.
why rage after losing 1 game? :s
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