SC2: EPS5 Matchday 2 "NTT takes the lead"
Most of the matches in playday 2 have already been played. But here's your latest update from the Starcraft 2 ESL Pro Series.

You can download the replays of each match by clicking on the match.

Playday 2

Tuesday, 12/10/10 21:00
Status: closed

  NTT (#3) [2:0]  zionLLL (#2)

Zion "Good game, i thought i could put up some sort of a fight."

Tuesday, 12/10/10 21:00
Status: closed

  DaBoO (#7) [1:2]  spoon (#5)

forHiger "It were short but exhausting games. Daboo and I have shown to very different syles.."

Tuesday, 12/10/10 21:00
Status: closed

  ServaNt (#1) [2:0]  SushiLicious (#6)

ServaNt "sushi is the dangerous dutchman who tries to study and playing at the same time a lethal combination!"

Saturday, 16/10/10 21:00
Status: closed

  sunshiNe (#8) [1:2]  Dlovan (#4)

sunshine "We hebben met dlovan besloten deze op komende zaterdag te spelen."

Live Stream

Live stream is provided by bescene.net and Big T. Stay tuned on the ESL Pro Series website to get the latest updates regarding what match has livestream.


The ESL Pro Series is the number 1 league in the Benelux. Players will compete in an online season, the best 4 players will qualify for the offline finales.

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EPS Rankings
EPS Match schedule and results


Everybody can qualify for the ESL Pro Series. It all starts to join our Amateur-Series ladder. Play weekly matches and challenge others! More information can be found at the Starcraft 2 section.

1on1 Amateur-Series
Starcraft 2 section

The players

zion (LowLandLions)
sunshiNe (Antwerp Aces)
DaBoO (Praetoriani)
SushiLicious (srs[razer])
NTT (srs[razer])
ServaNt (srs[razer])
Dlovan (LowLandLions)
forHigher (Antwerp Aces)



750 €

StarCraft II

   1st 500 €
    2nd 150 €
   3rd 100 €

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