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New awards for the most active players!
It has been two years since we last added new goals for the played and won matches awards. Since that time some players have been playing even more than we expected. We have some special awards planned in future for them, and from today all other players have new goal to aim for to reach the top awards.

Won matches

Almost fifty players and three teams have so far already achieved the top awards. Who will be first to earn these new awards?

Played matches

Over 250 players and nearly 50 teams have received this award. After some requests, we have decided to also add a new stage for these awards. Here is what you can aim for next:

Cup matches

Thanks to the Go4 cups and a lot of other tournaments, many players have already earned the gold medal. They now have a new goal of 500 matches.


Through VERSUS playing different games in the ESL is now really easy. We are seeing more and more players earning levels in several games now. The new stage doesn't require to play more different games, just keep on playing the same games more to be rewarded with the new awards

We hope you enjoy playing in the ESL and receive awards for activity. Have fun playing in the ESL and VERSUS!
Sum, Thursday, 30/08/12 10:38
comments (2)
Nice News Sum ;)
Got one already ;D
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