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Cup Series Cup #4
This will be the final cup of the Serie. So make sure you join this one! This is your last opportunity to earn some points and get into the rankings to receive the 1 month of ESL Premium u fought for! The rules are easy, you have different maps to show your skill and knock your opponent out of this cup. Goodluck!

What is Cup Series?

Cup Series is a concept of 4 cups, 1 will be hosted each Sunday at 19:00 CET.
After 4 cups (1 month) we will have our winner who gets 1 month of ESL Premium.
The point system will be as following:

Cup Series Point System

0 - 8 teams/players:
1st: 4 points
2nd: 3 points
3rd: 2 points
4th: 1 point

9 - 16 teams/players:
1st: 5 points
2nd: 4 points
3rd: 3 points
4th: 2 points
5th - 8th: 1 point

Cup Series Cup#4

Registrations for the Warrock 1on1 Cup Series will be open till Sunday, 17/06/12 18:30 CET:


Requirements to Sign Up Players have to add a warrock Game Account
Information Start Date: Sunday, 17/06/12 19:00 CET
Available Slots: 16 players
Team Size: 1on1
Game Mode: CQC, Single elimination
Match Mode: 1 map, 2 sides of 3 wins each side
Allowed Slot : 1-4 slot (ESL Rules)
Moss frequency: 2
Mappool: Khyber, Artifact, Xauen, Marien
Structure Round 1: Sunday, 17/06/12 19:00 CET - Khyber
Round 2: Sunday, 17/06/12 19:30 CET - Artifact
Round 3: Sunday, 17/06/12 20:00 CET - Xauen
Finals: Sunday, 17/06/12 20:30 CET - Marien

Links Structure
League Info
Esl Wire
Moss Download


- 1-4 slot (ESL Rules)

What can I win?

The player with the most points on the end of the 4 weeks will get 1 month premium.

Rank List after 3 cups

1st 7 points Somyox
1st 7 points syficz
2nd 2 points MrHating
2nd 2 points Scepheo

Hall of Fame

WarRock Hall of Fame

Admins Support

If you have any question or doubt, you can contact the following admins: Starrplaya, Chackiwinja and Cheatz_ .

You can contact us by Support Ticket.

Best Regards, your Staff Benelux

FAN_, Wednesday, 06/06/12 21:18
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