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Country Championship : Weekly
We will do a weekly update about our 2 benelux teams, this is so everybody will have the latest goings on in the Country Championship, and will be posting the line ups here. We wish both the teams the best of luck in their first matches, and we hope you win!

First match Day Matches

We are really happy to tell you that the First match Day is coming !
and we also be giving you a weekly update with the match line up.
here is the line up for : Sunday, 25/03/12.

Team Belgium

Team Belgium is placed in

Group A and have to play VS Team Portugal.

Sunday, 25/03/12 21:00
Status: closed

 Portugal (#5) [25:20]  Belgium (#9)

Match Lineup :




Backup player:


Team Netherlands

Team Netherlands is placed in

Group B and have to play VS Team Germany.

Thursday, 29/03/12 21:30
Status: closed

 Germany (#2) [27:24]  Netherlands (#4)

Match Lineup :

Mr. Niels




Backup players:



We will keep updating the matches for our 2 teams!
and the War Rock Benelux Admin team wish the Teams Good luck!

More info about the first match day? Click here

Admins Support

If you have any question or doubt, you can contact the following admins:Starrplaya , And Cixanta

You can contact us by Support Ticket.

Best Regards, your Staff Benelux

Revolt, Wednesday, 21/03/12 19:52
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like ittt
Well done.
De Backup players kunnen altijd nog veranderen indien nodig is.

Karsten is bij de backup toegevoegd.
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