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With the ESL Gather System you can find friends and like-minded people to play with. It is not focused on the competition but more on the fun and social part of gaming. It is a system with which you can find other players with whom you can play, not matter if you are have a team, no team or half a team. No matter if you are looking for a friendly match, a practice match, a 1on1 or a mixed team match.

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For the remainder of the month November it will be gather season! Troughout this whole period you will have multiple opportunities to explore all the features of the ESL Gather system and earn yourself some ESL Premium to get the fullest ESL experience possible!

To promote the gather feature, we will give everyone from the Benelux who plays at least 10 gathers in the Benelux section before the end of the month an ESL Premium Account
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