Looking for a LoL 5v5 team.
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Hey , my name is Koen i play much Leauge of Legends in my free time.
I prefer playing with Attack damage champions such as Ashe, Warwick.
I (ofcourse) got a lvl 30 account and i am a skilled player.
I live in the Netherlands
Please add me on League of Legends if u want to team up.

Username: mooiboykoen
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Please register to teamnrg.nl and apply your post at the forum.
Our first team is searching for a decent AD player (main role!?).
Refer to me in your post.

It can be posted in dutch. Just check the application form you need to use and you'll get your trial!

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temporary offline.
Join ts3.gvw-hosting.nl:10036 if u want!? (no pw)
Poke me (Rens "1mRAAAH") to let me know its you!
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