Announcing: NL FIFA12 National Team Captain!
We are now proud to present the team-captain for the Dutch FIFA12 team. After we published that we were looking for team captains for The Netherlands and Belgium and after closely considering all the applications, we’re happy to announce that the Dutch national FIFA12 team will for now be presented by:
Here is the interview with the Netherlands Team Captain.

Hendrix 'jimi'

We feel that jimi is an excellent candidate for the position and we hope that the team under his lead will bring us outstanding results at the upcoming Country Championship and that we can all together show that the Dutch FIFA12 scene is not one to take for granted!

Are you curious about his initial reaction and his thoughts about the upcoming Country Championship? Read the interview:

Hello, First Off, congratulations on being nominated captain of the Netherlands Country Championship team for FIFA12. How do you feel about being captain?
Well thanks for that. I was in Paris for a few days and it wasn’t told me yet, so this is kind a surprise for me now. Overall it feels pretty good and it’s an honor being chosen as best man for the job.

What kind of new responsibilities does this bring?
First of all I have to make contact with everybody in the Dutch FIFA scene if they are available for the team. After that I will create my line-up and during matches I will do the usual things like make contact with the other team captain, filling in results etc.

Are you pleased with their decision to pick you for team captain?
I don’t know who else applied for this function, but I think they made a good choice. I’m in the ESL FIFA scene since 2006 and at the moment I’m leading the successful Benelux FIFA team KnightS* for more than a year now. The experience and the contacts that I’ve got will be useful I think.

Any idea on the strength of the players on your roster so far?
Yes I have. The Dutch FIFA PC scene is not so big as everybody wants, but I’m sure we have 5 players who are able to compete with the best of Europe.

Do you have any plans as you’re the captain? Any practise schedule, etc?
Not yet and I don’t think it’s necessary because everybody is training enough on ESL, cups etc. but, maybe a team meeting or something.

Sounds good. Do you have any particular way of picking your team?
Because the FIFA scene is not that big, I have a pretty good knowledge about the skill of every player in the Dutch FIFA scene.

In my head I have a few names who are in if they want and that’s a thing I want to know from that players in the upcoming days. I also don’t know how much spots there are for the team, so that’s also a point to find out (if there is a limit). At least I can tell you now that there is a big change that I will use my contacts for some surprises ;)

What do you expect from your players?
Respect for the choices that I have to make and be on time of there is a practice or match moment.

Thank you very much on taking the time out to talk, once again congratulations on being nominated team captain. Any shout outs before we end this interview?
Thanks for this interview! I will give a shout out to the whole Benelux scene, because we have to do this together. Those who I normally would mention know their name ;)

Staff Benelux
DRAX, Wednesday, 11/04/12 23:15
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