EAS: 1st Division Season 3 announced!
As the EPS Finals are only two weeks away, we need to keep everything running so let's not waste time: 1st Division Season 3 = LIVE!

As we receive many questions on when it would go live, well here is the announcement. We've chosen to not start it together with the EPS as we would have enough time to run it until the next EPS Season.

But there are some differences!

§ Rule Changes - Season III
5on5 = 7 Teams # 1on1 = 8 Players

1 Season before EPS Season 6!

Relegation system modified. More info soon

Double Premiership, face each other twice!

Prove yourself + cooperation is rewarded!

Season start 31/10!

Featured Games for 1st Division - Season 3

  • Counter-Strike 1.6
  • Counter-Strike:Source
  • Call of Duty 4
  • Starcraft II
  • more? TBA?!? Stay tuned!

    Detailed game info and participants will be announced soon!
    fwiEt, Monday, 25/10/10 16:06
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    comments (3)
    Oke leuk en wat is er nu announced lollie
    Dat de EAS 1st binnenkort van start gaat?
    de matches zijn geeneens ge genereerd terwijl morgen al gespeeld moet worden lekker vroeg
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