ESL Plugin gets obligatory
After a relaxed Beta-Phase the ESL Plugin gets obligatory from now on in all ladders.
The ESL Server Plugin from now on is obligatory in all DE and EU CS:S ladders. In a transitional period of 2 weeks we will not give any penalty points and the missing of the ESL Plugin will result in a warning. Nevertheless you should point out if a server is missing the ESL Plugin before the match starts. If you realize that the ESL Plugin is missing after the match has started a Protest is not valid. With the start of a match you accept the server settings and everything else which belongs to the match.

With the final release of the ESL Plugin the ESL server settings are no more available to download. These settings can only be applied by the ESL Plugin.

The corresponding rule changes are already made and summarized here:

Server plugins

On the server only these programs are allowed to run:

- VAC2

- The current zBlock version is obligatory after it is approved by the ESL. The usage of the integrated Readystart-Scripts is not obligatory but is recommended. Besides you are allowed to use with zBlock zESLAuth.

- The latest verison of the ESL-Plugin is obligatory.

All other plugins (for example Mani Admin Plugin) are not allowed.

In case of questions or problems please write a supportticket.

Yours Admin Team
Sum, Wednesday, 15/06/11 12:01
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