5on5 Nightcup #5 is here!
The 5th ESL 5on5 NightCup will be hosted on Thursday, the 25th of August. 16 teams can sign up! Teams can battle for the glory of taking home the first place and ofcourse a spot in the Hall of Fame. Sign up now!

Cup info

The cup will start Thursday 25th of August at 19:00. Sign-Up will be closed at 18:30.

This will be a single elimination cup. The final will be best of 1. All you need to do to is sign up with a team that has atleast 3 Benelux players.

Cup information

5on5 NightCup #5
Information Begin date: Thursday 25/08/11 19:00
Available Slots: Max 16 teams
Tournament Mode: Single elimination
Match Mode: 1 map
Structure Round 1: Thursday 25/8/11 19:00
Round 2: Thursday 25/8/11 20:00
Round 3: Thursday 25/8/11 21:00
Round 4: Thursday 25/8/11 22:00
Game Counter-Strike Source
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Team information

Please read the following rules carefully. You can view them at the Info & Details page (TBA).

- Join IRC: #esl.blx.cup
- Use Wire Anti-Cheat. If it doesn't work you cannot play.
- Upload your Wire Anti-Cheat file directly after the match. Failure to do so will result in a default loss!
- Upload screenshots of scores and steam id's. Failure to do so will result in a default loss!
- Barred players due to penaltypoints are allowed to play.
- All players must record in-eye demo. SourceTV demo is also mandatory.
- You must have the newest version of Zblock installed on your server.
- Last chance to signup for the cups is 31 minutes before the cup starts.

- Round 1 de_inferno
- Round 2 de_tuscan
- Round 3 de_season
- Round 4 de_contra

Join our steam community!

We have launched our own steam community, in this way you are always getting informed about upcoming cups. Besides this you can check our calendar to reserve some time for a great cup with your mates! Join our community via this link: ESL Cs:s Cup community. In addition we might announce the upcoming cups first on our community page so sign up!
FwR, Friday, 19/08/11 23:19
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Om te huilen die benelux scene :D
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