zBlock 4.6 released
This night the zBlock developer Team has published zBlock 4.6! This version is from now on obligatory. Read on for more information.


-Now compatible with the latest SRCDS update
from VALVe (14/04/11).
-"zb_force_dx 2" allows "mat_dxlevel 81".
-Added fire-extinguishers back in de_nuke due to their tactical uses.
-Pallets (like those in de_nuke A-bombsite) are only removed when
"zb_removals 3" is set.
-Fixed another case where "mat_fullbright" bans could be triggered when
playing on certain custom maps.
-Netcode fix tweaks for poorer connections.
-"zb_antiflash 1" ignores short flashes.
-Added new cvar "zb_bancheaters" (Default: 1)
When enabled confirmed cheaters will be banned.
When disabled they are kicked.
-Added new cvar "zb_forwardbans" (Default: 1)
When enabled bans made by zBlock will be forwarded to SourceBans if that
plugin is also running (www.sourcebans.net).
-Re-introducing cvar "zb_crouchfix" (Default: 0)
When enabled players must wait until they're standing to crouch again.
-Fixed a crash when a player disconnects after authenticating with a
broken auth-host.
-Auto-update is now performed early in the plugin load process to allow
updating to be possible (for simple compatibility issues) in future updates.
-Removed zb_beta_tagging (check out the tagging-plugin on our website if
you liked this).

What does this mean
for you?

The newest version is now obligatory for every server!
The serversettings were updated as well. If your serverhoster does not
enable the zBlock version in protected modus you should open a
supportticket to him.

We have decided to make changes for following settings:
  • + zb_bancheaters "0"
  • + zb_forwardbans "0"
  • + zb_crouchfix "1"
  • - zb_beta_tagging "0"

  • zBlock 4.6


    We wish you a lot of fun playing in the ESL.
    Your Admin Team
    Larryyy, Sunday, 17/04/11 23:37
    Serversettings Download
    zBlock 4.6 Download
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    i have thit
    zb_antispeedhack "0" // Enable/Disable speed-hack prevention (1=Prevent/2=Kick)
    zb_checkviewangles "0" // Check players view angles and ensure they are within normal limits
    zb_antiflash "1" // Prevents anti-flash cheats/exploits from being effective
    zb_bancheaters "1" // Whether or not zBlock should ban confirmed cheaters (1 = Ban cheaters / 0 = Kick cheaters)
    zb_forwardbans "0" // When enabled zBlock will forward its bans to SourceBans (if you have that plugin loaded)
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