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When you want to join an existing clan, feel free to leave your info here. Just keep in mind that teams want enough info...

Previous games:
Previous clans:
Competitive experience: Yes / No
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Age: 20
Location: Belgium
Language: Dutch, engelish
Previous games: CSS
Previous clans: a few serious.
Competitive experience: Yes
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Age: 15
Location: The Netherlands, Krimpen aan den IJssel (close to Rdam)
Previous games: StarCraft
Previous clans: Still in TeamErroX as management and a fun team just for the key and the tournament but it are real life friends who don't play serouis
Competitive experience: Yes but not in this game and not at Lans.

Hey im Thom but im known as NerdFace, Im looking for a simple team no organisation whatsoever just a group of nice people with low skills to practice with and have serouis matches. I could also start a team myself if there are more people who are new and want a serouis team to improve. Will have key after openings cup emoticon-smile but also planning to buy it.

Im not on the stage of not understanding the game emoticon-tongue I know how it works how a shooter works etc. And I think its way more fun and easier to improve with a serouis team.
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18 years old, 14-05-1994

The Netherlands, Noord-Brabant, Den Bosch

Previous games:
CS 1.6

Previous clans:
Fnatic (2008)
HardKnocks (2011)
HDX (2011)
MyRevenge (2011)
Moonface.EAS (2012)

Competitive experience:

My name is Antheus Steenvoorden from Holland,
I am an experienced player in the field of counter strike.
I am not limited to a dutch clan, I speak Dutch, German and English.
Since ESL was down, my account got messed up, so don't even start looking at the information on it,
as example, it says that I am 46 years old and my name is Jörn Matloch. I can't change this information because I am Thrusted Pro :|

About my team history, I was sponsored by Ritual gaming and by diGital gaming, that's how I got CS:GO too.

I just can't find the right team and hope to find one in the future.

-Antheus "TwyzL" Steenvoorden-
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Age: 26
Location: The Netherlands, Almere

Previous games:
UT, TO, CS 1.6, BF2, BF3

Previous clans:
Army Coalition Forces, LS, Aetas

Competitive experience:
Yes, both online and offline (2nd place @ TP10 with BF3)


I'm Robert from Almere, I've played games for several years now. I played CS 1.6 for years, but not really competitive. I eventually got bored of playing so much CS, that I switched to BF2. I played some online tournaments there, but it was more for fun.

For BF3, my clan (Aetas) were really trying to go for tournament prizes and it was with that game that I started to train etc. We got a 2nd place at The Party 10 this year, which is not bad. Unfortunately BF3 is seriously imbalanced (imho) and lacks support of tournaments and community.

I got a beta key for CS:GO and it really gave me the old skool CS feeling. Now I want to join a clan who takes CS:GO serious and wants to play A LOT of tournaments. I'm willing to train a lot and I'm also lannable. I haven't found a decent CS:GO team yet, so if a clan is interested I'm happy to join them.

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Age: 22
Location: Belgium
Previous games:
- Battlefield, all
- Call of Duty, all
- WoW, world 84th
- Diablo III, 250+ mil
- CS 1.6
- Age of Empires III, competitive
Competitive experience: Yes
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Age 17

Location: Sweden

Preivous games:

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead 2

Team Fortress 2 

Quake Live

Preivious Clans:

Non in counter strike at all but allways been wanting to play it competetive. In other games i've played for 



Le Gaming


Ascending to Valhall


The Enigma Zone Crew

I've played in top level in the l4d teams and on my way to top level in Team fortress 2 (Playing in Divsion 3 but gonna play Division 2. And i've only played the game for 1.5 seasons. So i can pick up a game pretty quickly)

Competetive experience: yes in all thos games i've played competetive exept for quake. 


So hello my name is Alexander. i've been playing competetive games now for 4 years and it's time to start playing cs go competetive. So i'm looking for a dedicated cs go team that wanna grow and go for. I would say that i have to potensial of going far and i would love to play with players that can do that as well. and i might not spel english that good but i speak it olmost perfect. So if you ever want me to trail for a team go ahead and add me on steam



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Age: 18
Location: Belgium, Antwerp
Previous games:
- Left 4 Dead 2
- Counter-Strike: Source
- Team Fortress 2
- Day of Defeat: Source
- Battlefield 2142

Previous clans:

I've joined the clan Double Dutch for the game BF2142. Although I have most clan (and individual) experience during my time playing CS:S. Where I have most of the time joined fun clans, my aim is to join a clan where I can become a competitive player.

Competitive experience: some, would like to improve it.

Hey, my name is Gertjan from Belgium and I'd like to become a competitive player. I've been playing for 6 years just for fun, and I think it's time for me to join a clan where I can build up my competitive experience. I love to play in teamwork and I see myself as a quite mature, fair player. I'm good at speaking English and Dutch so an English speaking clan is no problem to me. Counter-Strike: Source has been the game of my life so far and I'm looking forward to get into Global offensive, especially with a clan that looks forward to compete!

My account name on steam is: g_j_l

Add me to steam or send me a message if you want me in your team!

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Age: 20
Location: holland
Previous games: css
Previous clans: D.Core, Farox
Competitive experience: Yes

veel official ervaring in css. sinds vandaag(15-8-2012) begonnen met cs:go Beta(cs:go al bestelt uiteraard). ik bak er nog weinig van, maar wil cs:go serieus gaan spelen.

dus ik zoek:

serieus team
normaal gedrag
een team dat gedult heeft tot ik aan het spel begin te wennen(na 5 jaar css is een ander schiet spel echt wennen)
actief bijna elke dag
ik ben niet echtb eschikbaar voor lan(misschien 1 keer in het jaar ofzo)


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Age : 15
Location : Holland
Game : CS:GO
Previous games : Css , COD 4.
Language : Dutch , English
Competitive experience: Yes
Ik speel al bijna 4 jaar css en ben overgestapt naar cs:GO omdat ik open ben voor een uitdaging.
Ik ben een actieve gamer en rage niet tot heel weinig, zit dit jaar in me examen jaar dus kan sommige weken niet heel erg actief zijn maar daar heb ik een reden voor.
Ik zoek een serieus team die goede eisen en doelen stelt.

Greets Lars v.Rossenberg
Steam : olars106
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Age: 22
Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands
Previous games: CSS, CSGO
Previous clans: Syndicate-gaming, Viperz
Competitive experience: Yes

I'm Patrick 22 years old.
I have played on competitive level CS:S
CS:GO just practising on aim and skill.

I play low-mid
Depending on my day.

I speak Dutch, English and Limburgs

Add me on steam: Brisingr19
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Age: 24
Location: Ghent, Belgium
Previous games: UT99, CoD4
Previous clans: Team-Belgium (UT99), Some UT99 teams...
Competitive experience: Yes: Clanbase OpenCup & Nations Cup.
Lan experience: 10x OCC, 3x FOM, 1x GG (lan in Ghent)

Looking for cool team to play.

I speak Dutch, English and French.

Add me on steam: kiessak
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Nickname : pRa
Age : 22
Language : Dutch,French and English
Gaming Experience : Cod1 - Cod2 - Cod4
                            CSS 1.6 - CSS - CS:GO
Looking for : Competitive CS:GO team
League Experience : Clanbase - ESL - UNGL - ESEA
Lan Experience : KATHO Lan ( 1st place in CS:GO and COD2 )
Expectations : Looking for friendly yet competitive players.
Steam : colafles
Xfire : fantafles

Add me for more information or proposals.
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Age: 19 (1993)
Location:Canada (Korean)
Previous games: 8 years Sudden Attack. 
Previous clans: 
Competitive experience: Yes (in Sudden Attack)

I have over 8 years of fps experience.
I have gametalk, skype, vent, xfire, teamspeak3 so I'm good with any program.

Steam: kimeujin1118
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Who need a team add me on steam fG. JRx
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Leeftijd: 21
Locatie: Genk, Belgium
Ervaring: sinds 1.3; 4 jaar css war-ervaring, daarna 2 jaar gestopt met comptitief wars te spelen, speel sinds een maand csgo.

Verwachting: liefst door de week, dan heb ik het meeste tijd

steam: massimo81
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Name Tomas

Age: 32
Location: Sweden
Previous games: Cs 1.6, css
Previous clans: Many
Competitive experience: Yes

Got 2-3hours per day to pracc and play.
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Age: 20
Location: belgium (antwerp
Language: Dutch, Engelish, German
Previous games: CSS
Previous clans: a few.
Competitive experience: Yes


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Hey ik zoek een serieus team om competitief mee te spelen.


Age: 18+

Location: Zuid-Holland

Previous games: CS:S

Previous clans: 2 Serious Teams

Competitive experience: Yes

Skill: Low/Mid

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Hey folks..

Name: Alex
Age: 24
Location: Denmark
Language: Danish, engelish
Previous games: CS 1.0 to 1,6 and a little bit cs:s
Previous clans: yeah some old ones long time ago
Competitive experience: No
Skill: mid

Gonna have about 2-7 hours to practice and play anywhere from 2 to 6 days a week, and really want a good team to play with

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Ik ben samen met een maat van mij op zoek naar een cs:go clan.

Over ons:
-Hebben beiden jarenlang 1.6 gespeeld en spelen nu al een geruime tijd cs:go.
-Mid skilled
-4/5 dagen in de week beschikbaar.
-Gemotiveerd om beter te worden
-Bereid tijd te besteden aan tactics
-Volwassen en serieuze houding
-Niet lanable, wij zoeken een team dat mee wil doen aan online cups en eventueel later als het allemaal goed loopt lans meepakken.
-18/19 jaar oud

Wat zoeken wij:
-Een team dat +2 zoekt
-Een team waarin iedereen gemotiveerd is om beter te worden.
-Een team waarin iedereen tijd wil steken in het beter maken van zichzelf en het team.
-4/5 dagen in de week spelen.
-Tijd willen steken in tactics
-Gezellige teamsfeer, ook gezelligheid naast het spelen.
-Mee willen doen aan online cups.

Geinteresseerd? Voeg me dan toe dan kunnen we een keer spelenemoticon-grin
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Age: 23
Played since: 1999
Country: Finland

Post me if need a true player, will informate more when asked...
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Age: 27

Played since: 1998

Country: Canada

Language: English

Previous games: mostly all of the cs versions through to cs:go

Competitive experience: Yes

Previous clans: too long ago to remember.

Skill: Gold Nova I on cs:go competitive

Looking for serious clan to participate in online tournaments.
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Hey what up ppl!

I'm looking for a good and active Team in CS:GO. My skill is pretty good.
Mainly AWP/Scout player. If interested just add me

Age: 22
Location: Luxembourg
Previous games: CSS, CS 1.6, Dota 2, WC3,..
Previous clans: REC (and some others i don't remember)
Competitive experience: Yes
Languages: English, German, Luxembourgish, Swedish and French

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Age: 24
Location: West-Vlaanderen Belgium
Previous games:
Medal of Honor Allied Assault (competitive)
Counter-Strike Source (Competitive)
Counter-Strike Global Offensive (Competitive skillgroup Distuinguished Master Guardian)
Previous clans: Virtual Assassins/IGMo 
Competitive experience: Yes

Videos of gameplay can be found on my xfire (farore1) Or just find out the easy way. Add me to your friends list and invite me for a game (farorecss).

I'm up for LANs in western europe (BE/NL/LU/UK/SWE/NO/GER/FR/SP/IT)
<span style="font-family: Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; background-color: #eeeeee;"> </span>
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