Monday, 30/12

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 09:06
$250,000 EMS One Katowice CS:GO Championship !Having just concluded an amazing year of EMS One CS:GO in 2013, we are happy to announce that ESL is taking Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to the big stage and finishing its first 2014 EMS Season with a $250,000 tournament in the Spodek arena at the Intel Extreme Masters venue in Katowice.

Thursday, 31/10

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 09:40
CS:GO - 5on5 Halloween Cup 2013The 31st of October is near. It is the night of ghosts, monsters and witches. While we wait for this fearful night, we invite you to join our special horror cup. Are you ready to defy death?

Friday, 23/08

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 09:07
CS:GO - Update 22/08One day later as usual, Valve releases another big CS:GO update. Aside from the usual bug fixes, a lot of changes were made to gameplay and to the maps. Read on for the complete changelog.

Thursday, 15/08

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 14:08
CS:GO - Update 14/08After a few weeks without any updates, Valve just released a major CS:GO update, bringing along some interesting changes and additions to the game. Read on for the complete changelog.

Monday, 08/07

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 19:37
CSGO Admin Wanted !Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the largest games here at the Electronic Sports League we want develop our Benelux section and we need your help !

Wednesday, 03/07

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 00:59
VeryGames wins RaidCall EMS One SummerVeryGames is the second champion of the RaidCall EMS One. Their final opponent Virtus.pro from Russia eliminated the Spring Champion Ninjas in Pyjamas in the semis, but couldn't repeat this perfomance in the grand finals. Therefore the French team is the new legitimate winner of the Summer Season 2013. Congratulations to their first major CS:GO title!

Monday, 24/06

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 14:21
Enjoy CS:GO in VERSUS, prove yourself in Go4This weekend we have a lot of CS:GO action for all of you! Play casual in VERSUS, try to play more competitive in the A-Series. And if you really looking to compete with the best teams in Europe, join the Go4CSGO cup on Sunday, where we have a prize pot 100€. We wish all teams the best of luck and have fun playing in the ESL!
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 14:07
Spring Cup - The Winners !Spring is Over and our Spring Cup just finish, it's time for you to discover the winner of this competition. Unfortunatly a lot of game won't be play because of players who don't manage to plan a date. We are going to be more strict about date and houres in the next event.

Thursday, 20/06

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 10:04
A-Series: Division Update from 16/06Today was the last division update of the CSGO 5on5 A-Series. It's time to see which teams are at the top of which division and which teams are the challengers. Make sure you read this news from top to bottom to find out more about this update.

Thursday, 06/06

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 12:29
RaidCall EMS One: The CS:GO Groups are drawn!Tonight after the Grand Final of Cup #4 the Summer 2013 Season of RaidCall EMS One reaches the next level. From Monday to Thursday next week we will be seeing the Group Stage played to determine the eight teams that meet in Cologne on the 29th and 30th of June to play the Finals. So don't go anywhere after the last match!

Monday, 03/06

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 20:07
A-Series: Division Update from 02/06Today was the fourth division update of the League of Legends 5on5 A-Series. We are now two month into the season, and it's time to see which teams are at the top of which division and which teams are the challengers. Make sure you read this news from top to bottom to find out more about this update.

Thursday, 30/05

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 11:59
de_mirage_go -> de_mirage_cedB4d | MadMax, the creator of the CS:GO version of Mirage, just released another update for the map. Among other things, the map was renamed to de_mirage_ce. The complete changelog can be found below. Therefore please don't be confused if you will read the name de_mirage_ce now in Ladders, A-Series and VERSUS.

Sunday, 26/05

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 19:21
CSGO Weekly Cup #3 - 1on1 AIMEach week from now we gonna invite you on a special competition hosted by ESL Benelux, for this first edition we deserve you a surprise.

Friday, 24/05

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 13:45
VERSUS goes crazy in CS:GO – Play 2vs2 Funmap!This Sunday some crazy stuff will be going on in VERSUS. A full spectrum of changes, prizes, celeb gamers and many many more things are going to happen all over VERSUS in a wide spectrum of games. In CS:GO we have decided to bring you one of the all time favorite: 2vs2 Funmap! Enjoy the new mode on Sunday and make it one of the fix modes, if there is enough positive feedback!

Sunday, 19/05

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 18:11
A-Series: Division Update from 19/05Today was the third division update of the Counter Strike: Global Offensive 5on5 A-Series. We are now one month into the season. Make sure you read this news from top to bottom to find out more about this update.

Thursday, 16/05

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 20:37
Free Weekend - CSGO on Steam StoreValve Corporation have decided to make Global Offensive free to play this upcoming weekend. This means that all of you who haven't bought the game yet will be able to download and play the game, have some fun and fall in love with it. What would be better in this case as to play, test and have some fun with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in our VERSUS system?

Wednesday, 15/05

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 13:26
NK Gaming 2013: CSGO QualifiersThe NK Gaming is the national championship of the Netherlands. ESL Benelux is proud to be hosting the online qualifiers for 2013. The winners of the qualifier cups will qualify themselves for the NK Gaming event.

Sunday, 05/05

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 21:35
A-Series: Division Update from 05/05Today was the second division update of the Counter Strike: Global Offensive 5on5 A-Series. We are now one month into the season. Make sure you read this news from top to bottom to find out more about this update.

Monday, 15/04

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 10:46
NiP is the  first RaidCall EMS One ChampionOnce again Ninjas in Pyjamas proved their extraordinary class. They didn't lose a single map the entire weekend and even fnatic didn't stand the slightest chance in the grand final. Therefore Ninjas in Pyjamas is the legitimate winner of the first RaidCall EMS One Season in CS:GO.

Friday, 12/04

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 14:23
RaidCall EMS One FinalsThis weekend not only the ESL TV stream will keep you in touch with everything going on. Both HLTV.org and Cadred will be on spot to bring you the hottest news and the latest updates. Both already started their pre coverage with the latest Dreamteam editon for RaidCall EMS One or two short interviews with the participants. Check it out!

Sunday, 07/04

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 13:06
RaidCall EMS One: Experience the Finals live in CologneWith all groups played out, the teams who advance to the Spring 2013 Finals in Cologne have been found. From over 400 teams in the A-Series, only 8 teams are left who will play the deciding matches for the $39,000 prize pot. We would like to introduce the last teams standing in this competition to prepare you for the big event on the next weekend, 13th and 14th of April in Cologne!

Wednesday, 03/04

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 19:34
A-Series CS:GO is starting!Our third A-Series opens, in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Over the last weekend we launched League of Legends's A-Series successfully. From now on, our new league system for players for organised matches is available for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, too.

Tuesday, 02/04

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 15:09
CSGO 1on1 Spring Cup #2013The spring came, it's time to throw our competition saisonnale, we invite you to join it . Who will be king of the spring?

Friday, 22/03

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 15:24
ESL CSGO Benelux 2.0It's a new start for us, and for you, we are working on different projects to make ESL CSGO Benelux rise, and we wanna started giving you some present. Stay Tuned. We want propose you more and more Event and we decided to redesign different things in your section. We hope you gonna enjoy it !

Wednesday, 20/03

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 21:23
A-Series: Changes in season schedule for EMS OneThe RaidCall EMS One is almost at the peak of the season with the group stage starting to determine the eight best teams of Europe who will advance to the Live Event finals in Cologne. To meet the schedule of the RaidCall EMS One and to give all of you enough time to score points towards the cups in Season 2, we moved the end of the A-Series Spring Season to the 2nd of April.

Tuesday, 19/03

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 15:51
RaidCall EMS One: Starting the group stage!The group stage of RaidCall EMS One is here and starting tonight the best 16 teams from the cups will compete to reach the offline event in Cologne. Only the top 2 from each group will make it. See the matches of Group A & B tonight and tomorrow presented by Joe & ReDeYe. The teams playing this week are NiP, ESC, LDLC, Anexis and more!

Saturday, 16/03

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 03:28
These are the RaidCall EMS One groupsThe last week of cups is done and all 16 teams for the Group Stage in both CS:GO and Dota 2 have been determined. Now it is time to disclose the groups: They were drafted live on RaidCall in Group 1997. Both games feature four groups with four teams each.

Friday, 22/02

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 09:41
CS:GO - changes to VERSUS vetos!VERSUS is the feature with the most matches in on ESL and as well in CS:GO. Of course it goes without saying, that if you play a lot of VERSUS matches, there will also be a lot of vetos. Therefore we announce two major changes to get your vetos processed faster today!

Thursday, 20/12

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 22:08
Admins Wanted!We are still searching some motivated admins with passion for CS. Since CS:GO is one of the top game's at ESL, we only want to have the best admins! Do you like to take initiative, do you have perseverance, are you entrepreneurial, knowledge of the scene, ...? Then you should apply!

Monday, 19/11

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 12:16
CS:GO Autumn Cup: PlayoffsAfter the groupstages of the autumn cup we will now host the playoffs with the teams that made it this far. Who will win the roccat prizes for cs:go? Below you will find everything you need to know about the playoffs.
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