Roccat Winter Challenge #4
The Counter-Strike 1.6 admin team will host 10 cups for this Challenge. The fourth cup is on Monday 23th of January.
The fourth ROCCAT Winter Challenge cup will start on 23th of January on 19h30. The signups just opened.

The maps

1st round: de_tuscan
2nd round: de_nuke
3rd round: de_dust2
4th round: de_inferno
Final round: de_mirage

Cup information

ROCCAT Winter Challenge Cup #4:

Sign up now!

Sign up till 19:25h
Date: Monday, 23th of January
Start: 19h30
Size: 32 Teams
Modus: Single Elimination

Basic rules:

Gametype: BO1 - ESL Map
Anti-Cheat: YES, ESL Wire AC
Teams: All
Match Length: +- 45 Min
Net_graph 3 = forfait
Too many configs = penalty points
Know the ESL Rules


Create ESL Account
Fill inContact method (MSN, Skype, IRC, etc.) 
Fill in CS/DOD SteamID (e.g. 012312)
Click on "Sign Up"!

We're looking for admins!

You want to help us running cups and tournaments? You know the CS community and also what they like? You have time to work concentrated? Then signup!

Join us live on IRC - #ESL.BLX

You want to be informed on the latest schedule, talk to admins and other players? Then there's one thing you have to do, join us on IRC (Quakenet) in our #ESL.BLX Channel !
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