CS 1.6: Division 1 Season 2 Final ranking!
The second season of the EAS Divison is over. After seeing some ups and downs, +- 2 participants dropping out of Division 1; 3 teams survived the season. Thus, we would like to thank all participants of the first Division and we look forward to a new season and also seeing some in the EPS. In the following news, you will find the final rankings, and some comments about upcoming matches.

We're happy to announce the end of this second EAS Division 1 season. We think that for a second season things were very relaxed and we just had in mind to get so far with the maximum amount of teams... having a 3 months break is always a challenge! We thank all teams for their motivation and willingness to take this seriously. Also their respect to us, we know we're a small admin team and we'll work on that to make sure you guys can have more fun on ESL Benelux.

This season was interesting to see the teams their stability and even though results differed a lot on some matches, we certainly saw some EPS equivalent games.

The second season has been won by Kurupt_planet_asia and they will be promoted to EPS next season! They were the best in this division with not losing any game and only one draw on their records. The second place has been awarded to Rodcad.Gaming who finish above gameline.cs. Both rodcad and synge still have a shot to get in the EPS by playing the EPS Playoff's scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday next week. In fourth position we find pureControl who couldn't keep up the activity in the last matches and so they forfeited their spot for the next Division 1 season. With this move they'll join another team in such a situation being the guys from Shadows who refused to play this 1st division after being removed from the EPS back in June.

Qualified for EPS Season #5:

Congratulations to myRevenge for winning the second Season of the EAS division 1. The admin team wishes you the best of luck in the EPS and hopes to see your team ready in EPS Season 5 which is starting soon!
fwiEt, Friday, 01/10/10 21:56
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gratz to my sweeties you are the best team ever <3
yes they are a nice team ;)
gratz cool team!
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