CS 1.6 EAS: Screenshot taken!
After a calm summer period and a low EAS activity in the past weeks, the EAS screenshot has been taken. One team has been promoted to division 1 and number 2 and 3 placed themselves for the EAS relegation matches. In the following news, you will find the final rankings, and some comments on the current situation.
The screenshot date was set at 19 september 23:59, but due to a delay in EPS announcement we gave the league some additional days to finish their matches. This is how the rankings looked this evening, with no further games scheduled.

As said in the introduction, the CS Amateur Series have been on a low level of activity recently, therefore it was rather easy to place your team in a top3 in order to qualify for the EAS 1st division.

We congratulate eSpartan with their victory in EAS. With five victories in a row they finished first in the EAS. They have been directly promoted to Division 1. The numbers 2 and 3 will be in the EAS Relegation play-off. Both insanity and SINETIC will be competing in the relegation. Nevertheless due to their opponents being inactive and resigning from these relegation matches, they already have a guaranteed 1st division spot.

Qualified for EAS Division 1 Season #3:




The admin team wishes these teams the best of luck in Division 1. Further information will be provided once all teams are known. They will be invited to a private player forum.

More news considering the EAS 1st Division and the EPS Playoff's will be announced as soon as possible.

your ESL Benelux Admin Team
fwiEt, Friday, 01/10/10 21:33
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<--- insanity LOL
Thenextlan 3rd place :o
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