GUERILLAS takes 1st Intel P4DH Qualifier spot!
The 1st Intel Pack4DreamHack qualifier cup was played last night, GUERILLAS took the first place after showing their strenght. By overcoming all the other teams in the first qualifier, they've qualified themselves for the finals cup. This means they're just one cup away from appearing at DreamHack Winter 2011!

The road to the finals

GUERILLAS beat the following teams:

- ping45 16 - 2
- Team-Sypher 16 - 6

And the finals:

Sunday, 09/10/11 23:00
Status: closed

 Pokemon With Po.. (#2)[8:16] GUERILLAS (#1)

With Pokemon With Potential ending up being second during this first qualifier cup they'll certainly be one of the teams to watch for the next qualifier rounds, along with Team Sypher and Antwerp Aces. There are still three more chances to earn yourself a spot in the qualifier cup of which the next one will be held this sunday 16/10/2011 at 19:00.

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Sum, Monday, 10/10/11 13:47
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