Most Matches Competition (MMC) June-July
Are you an active player here in the CF section? Every month we will reward the most active player through the Most Matches Competition. The person who played the most matches during the time period of the specific ladder, will win 1month of ESL premium!

This months ladder

MMC - June-July

Ladder of this month:
The ladder picked for this month is the Crossfire 1on1 Ladder!


Crossfire 1on1 Ladder! Signup

we hope you guys like it !

the MMC for the Crossfire 1on1 Ladder! will be from 06/06/12 till 06/07/12

Admins Support

If you have any question or doubt, you can contact the following admins:_ePiiC and staRR .

You can contact us by Support Ticket.

Best Regards, your Staff Benelux

Revolt, Tuesday, 05/06/12 22:42
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