Winter Cup Groupstage LIVE!
The Groupstage of the 2011 Winter Cup has gone live. With the groups now being announced, all matches are ready to go! For an overview of the groups and additional rules, please read further.

The Call of Duty 4 Winter Cup Rules

- Match end when one team reaches 25 rounds, or the score is 24-24.
- ESL Wire Anti-cheat is required.
- Matches may be rescheduled -1 or +7 days, monday is not the default date. Teams are expected to contact their opponent to find a suiteable matchday within the same week of the original matchdate.
- Knife for side

View the groups!

The prizes

On the left side you can see the famous and exclusive Winter-Award that will be available for the winner of the tournament. This award can only be gained trough the winter cup series! Of course we will offer you some premium accounts as well:

First place: Premium account amounting to 3 months
Second place: Premium account amounting to 2 months
Third place: Premium account amounting to 1 month

Sum, Sunday, 13/02/11 22:32
Matchschedule and results
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nice groups, just many no-shows;/
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