ROCCAT Winter Challenge: Game #4
It's going to be a cold winter this year, but you won't have to leave your house, because everything is going to happen right here on ESL Benelux. The fourth game that is going to be included is now known! Without further uphold we're proud to present that one of the grand total of five games represented in the ROCCAT Winter Challenge will be:

Call of Duty 4!

The prizes!

As promised before you can win amazing ROCCAT prizes during the ROCCAT Winter Challenge. For Call of Duty 4 we're proud to announce the following prizes can be won:



Call of Duty 4

   1st 5 x ROCCAT Isku
   2nd 5 x ROCCAT Apuri
   3rd 5 x ROCCAT Sota Black

About the ROCCAT Isku


Total gaming domination. It’s easy with the right tools.

Combining the world’s smartest gaming engineering with jaw-dropping design, the ROCCAT™ Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard hands you the power to own any game the easy way -- and be legend.

For more information about the ROCCAT Isku, take a look at the Feature Trailer now!

For more information about the ROCCAT Winter Challenge take a look at the general announcement. The schedule for this game will be announced later this week so keep an eye on your game section! The last game for the ROCCAT Winter Challenge shall be announced tomorrow.
Sum, Thursday, 15/12/11 19:16
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Wanneer worden de datums van de cup bekent?>
Uiteraard heeft SUM de goeie shit voor cod4 gehouden NP hoor COD INACTIVE 4
Pick me up; active and skilled!

can merc for good teams
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