5on5 Nightcup XII
True, we havn't had a nightcup during this week because of the big EU cup, but that is no reason not to proceed with our nightcups this weekend! We've already landed at the 12th edition of the ESL Benelux nightcup series. Todays nightcup will start at the usual 20:00 and will again offer place to 16 teams and could be scaled according to the number of signups.
Nightcup XII
Information Begin date: Sunday 23/01/11 20:00
Available Slots: 16 teams
Tournament Mode: Single elimination
Match Mode: 1 map
Structure Round 1: Sunday 23/01/11 20:00
Round 2: Sunday 23/01/11 20:45
Round 3: Sunday 23/01/11 21:30
Round 4: Sunday 23/01/11 22:15
Game Call of Duty 4
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Team information

Please read the rules carefully. You can view them here.

- Join IRC: #esl.blx
- Wire Anti-Cheat file upload directly after the match
- Screenshots of scores and PBguids
- At least 60% of your team must be from the Benelux

Check-in (IMPORTANT!):
To ensure all teams are present, we have added a Check-in system. You have the opportunity to checkin from 19:30 - 19:55 at the day of the cup. You can check-in here when you are signed up.

- Round 1: mp_strike
- Round 2: mp_backlot
- Round 3: mp_crash
- Round 4: mp_crossfire

//Your Admin Team!
Sum, Sunday, 23/01/11 11:03
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