CM Storm Super June #6: WIN BGLAN TICKETS!
As everybody knows this month we are holding the CM Storm Super June Series. Thanks to Benelux Gaming Lan we can now provide a special prize for the winner of the 6th cup!

Benelux Gaming LAN 4

Benelux Gaming LAN is a relative new big LAN in the Netherlands. The fourth edition will be hosted on 24-25-26 June. This is an event you do not want to miss and that's why you got the opportunity to win 5 tickets! All you have to do for this is play Call of Duty 4 and win the sixth cup CM Storm cup on ESL Benelux!

Benelux Gaming Lan guarantees a fun weekend for both casual and pro gamers. This LAN hosts several competitions in big e-sport titles such as Starcraft 2, Counter-strike, Counter-strike:source and off course Call of Duty 4 and many others, including Wolfenstein: ET and League of Legends! The amount of cash and hardware prizes make it worthwhile doing your best to win.

Benelux Gaming LAN 4 - Call of Duty 4 prizes



Call of Duty 4

   1st €750
   2nd €250
   3rd TBA

* Provided atleast 16 teams compete.

Win LAN tickets in CM Storm Super June #6

Together with ESL Benelux, Benelux Gaming LAN has decided to give away 5 tickets to Benelux Gmaing LAN 4 to the winning team in our special cup on Sunday 19/06/11. In case your team has already purchased tickets, you will get free tickets for the next edition of Benelux Gaming LAN. These LAN tickets can not be refunded into money. Other matches on this day can be rescheduled if either of the teams participate in this cup.

CM Storm Super June #6
Information Begin date: Sunday 19/06/11 20:00
Available Slots: 16 teams
Tournament Mode: Single elimination
Match Mode: 1 map
Structure Round 1: Sunday 19/06/11 20:00
Round 2: Sunday 19/06/11 20:45
Round 3: Sunday 19/06/11 21:30
Round 4: Sunday 19/06/11 22:15
Game Call of Duty 4
Links Bracket

Team information

Please read the rules carefully. You can view them here.

- Join IRC: #esl.blx.cup
- WAC upload directly after the match
- Screenshots of scores
- At least 60% of your team must be from the Benelux

Check-in (new):
To ensure all teams are present, we have added a Check-in system. You have the opportunity to checkin from 19:30- 19:50 at the day of the cup. You can check-in here when you are signed up. If more than 16 teams checked in, the cup will be increased in size.

Sum, Thursday, 16/06/11 20:47
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