Week 4, who takes the lead?
The last group stage matches are getting close, tonight starts the fourth week and it's sure we'll start to see who's able to come out of the groups!

We've had some extra forfeit wins, teams not showing up. Luckily also some teams doing a great job and those will surely be rewarded! Let's have an overview for Week 4. And extra post will be made with some current standings and possible group winners!

Matches BPC Week 4

Match of the week

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We pick each week the match with the most match comments to be the match of the week!

For example: Antwerpen [07:16] Utrecht

And the winner is ....

Sunday, 27/09/09 20:00
Status: closed

 Antwerpen (#4)[16:7] Utrecht (#8)

fwiEt, Sunday, 27/09/09 15:18
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Antwerpen [16:10] Utrecht
Antwerpen [16:14] Utrecht
Antwerpen [16:12] Utrecht
Antwerpen [16:7] Utrecht
you could always try larryyy xD
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