Provincial Championship 2012 announcement
This year we're proud to present you a 2nd season of the ESL Benelux Provincial Championship! This season we'll not only include Counter-strike 1.6 and Counter-strike: Source once more, but we'll be adding two brand new games: League of Legends and StarCraft II!


  • Team Captains. Do you think you can represent your province as a Team Captain? Then now apply to take that position and lead your province to be the winner of this Provincial tournament!

    The Benelux Provincial Championship 2012:

  • Players You need to select the players that will apply for your provincial team. These players all need to live in the same province as you! Your job will be to make them play as a team and in the end win the tournament!

  • Tournament This Championship is going to be a summer event which will start in 4 groups with 6 teams in each group. All these groups will feature the 24 Provinces of the Benelux. After the group stage will be played the play-off system will begin!

  • PlaydatesThere will be matchperiods of one week each. During this week your match has to be played!

  • How? When exactly? Why?

    All these questions are answered in the separate newsposts:

    Apply as Player/Team Captain
    The Schedule (TBA)
    The Prizes (TBA)

    Powered by ROCCAT

    ROCCAT™ is a top manufacturer of professional gaming hardware and accessories – incl. cutting-edge, German-engineered mice, keyboards, headsets and mouse pads. Their commitment to professional gaming shows time after time with their continuous support to the professional gaming community and their ongoing efforts developing some of the best gaming gear ever.

    Our guidelines

    Generally speaking, applications will be accepted until Tuesday 15/05 23:59. After this date the polls will open and the team captains will have a few days to select the players they want in the team, once that's done the Championship can begin!

    Provincial Championship
    Sum, Tuesday, 08/05/12 20:26
    Provincial Championship
    comments (12)
    I wish to all teams a good season ! Have fun guys ! ;)
    Nice! GOGO CS:S Players! (& the rest ofcourse ;) )!
    This will be phun
    Kijk dit zijn de ekte tournaments
    gl hf =]
    kijk er al naar uit!
    Bit weird to announce without schedule and prize money. I'm kinda interested, but could not possibly sign up without prize money and schedule information.
    Nation Cups and Provincial Cups hardly ever have any price money. It's mainly for fun for honour. The fact that Roccat powers it might result in a keyboard or mouse of something but I highly doubt there will be any major cash prices involved.
    When will we do if Roccat provides keyboards or other objects?
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