BPC.CSS - Elimination bracket info and more!
It's been a while since the last update regarding the BPC! Don't worry it's still alive and kicking and it's now time for the double elimination bracket!

Elmination bracket information

Due to some heavy loaded past weeks on ESL (EPS and several cups) we've given all Provincial players some space to do the needed practice with their team etc.

Now that EPS started everyone can schedule their week and the remaining days should give some time to play one or two BPC games! Let's see what the Playoffs will offer.

Seedings and schedule

The seedings are based on the BPC.css groups.

01 ) Noord-Brabant
02 ) West-Vlaanderen
03 ) Luxembourg
04 ) Antwerpen
05 ) Limburg
06 ) Vlaams Brabant
07 ) Oost-Vlaanderen
08 ) Utrecht

Elimination bracket
from till
Elmination Bracket
Round 1 - Winner Bracket Sun, 08.11.09 Fri, 13.11.09
Round 2 - Winner Bracket Sun, 15.11.09 Fri, 20.11.09
Round 1 - Loser Bracket Sun, 15.11.09 Fri, 20.11.09
Winner Bracket Final Sun, 22.11.09 Fri, 27.11.09
Round 2 - Loser Bracket Sun, 22.11.09 Fri, 27.11.09
Loser Bracket Final Sun, 29.11.09 Fri, 04.12.09
Consolution Final Sun, 06.12.09 Fri, 11.12.09
Grand Finale Sun, 13.12.09 Fri, 18.12.09

Message to the participants

All players/provinces who got so far congratulations. Let's now bring this competition to a good end and show in the play-offs who will take the first place.

The match weeks have been mentioned above. If you face a problem with rescheduling your game please put the match into a protest ticket. An admin will then help you with putting it to the right date.

Also if you have any further questions: USE the invite forums (Team Captains).
Now if any province would have a an inactive Team Captain, you can always contact exofun or fwiet, and we can then give you (a player) the team captain's permission.

Also if you have any problem with the current player list, we can tolerate an addition or 2. (But we need to approve this).

Provincial Championship CS:S - The Movie

Provincial Championship CS:S - The Movie
ExoFun, Monday, 02/11/09 23:15
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