Noord-Brabant vs. Vlaams Brabant
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 11.  7.

 Vlaams Brabant
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MatchID 15243767
Date Sunday, 13/09/09 20:00
Calculated 14/09/09 01:35
map de_dust2
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16 : 13
Noord-Brabant wins !
Points +3 : 0
13/09/09 22:30
uploaded with ESL Wire 15243767-ZIP*
1.6 MB, 13/09/09 22:30, by PavalolHEehEHehEhe (N-Brabant)
13/09/09 22:30
uploaded with ESL Wire 15243767-ZIP*
1.5 MB, 13/09/09 22:30, by slaYn (N-Brabant)
13/09/09 22:32
1.5 MB, 13/09/09 22:32, by bjr (Vlaamsbrab)
13/09/09 22:31
5 kB, 13/09/09 22:31, by keizer (N-Brabant)
13/09/09 22:31
905 kB, 13/09/09 22:31, by mibb (Vlaamsbrab)
13/09/09 22:35
Demo - - pavalolZZZZZZZ*
29.2 MB, 13/09/09 22:35, by PavalolHEehEHehEhe (N-Brabant)
14/09/09 17:41
Demos - slaYn*
29.7 MB, 14/09/09 17:41, by slaYn (N-Brabant)
13/09/09 22:34
1.4 MB, 13/09/09 22:34, by FIXEL (Vlaamsbrab)
13/09/09 22:31
aequitas - NB - ZEhX*
1.5 MB, 13/09/09 22:31, by Metalx (N-Brabant)
13/09/09 22:31
1.1 MB, 13/09/09 22:31, by Zwik (Vlaamsbrab)
13/09/09 22:33
3.4 MB, 13/09/09 22:33, by eMtec (Vlaamsbrab)
* No longer available





Vlaams Brabant






12/09/09 18:36
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13/09/09 21:22
Pre-Match statement
I have just returned from FOM 11.1 so sorry I'm a little late with my statement but here is it anyway,
I think we're about to face a pretty tough opponent in our poule, some good individual players that will be put to the test and may the best team win.

Vlaams Brabant
13/09/09 14:20
Pre-match statement
Second game in the BPC.... Noord-Brabant's lineup is really talented and is known for there good play. But after our great win against Liege, we have the confidence to beat this team too !

Good luck have fun !
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comments (8)
Jo, zou het uur kunnen verandert worden naar 21h of 21h30 ?
Aangezien dit weekend FoM is, kan ik niet garanderen dat we allemaal terug gaan zijn op tijd ...
wij hebben ook spelers op FOM dus dat is prima. doe maar 21:30 voor de zekerheid.
Aangezien ik er vanavond wss niet ben, ga ik Fixel even captain laten zijn ..
hltv plz
ik heb problemen wegens een defecte HUB bij mijn isp scarlet.. en daardoor kan ik enkel op bepaalde servers spelen, op hollandse servers heb ik 120+ ping, vinde jullie het erg om op deze server te spelen? (
is het goed dat emtec in de plaats van Decio speelt? Hij is nl teleurgesteld op zijn prestatie vandaag
sure, whats pass?
ik wil slapen na fom
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