Interview with Chet Faliszek from Valve !
Discover together an interview with Chet Faliszek from Valve ! Our main questions were about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the new opus of the most famous game !

Interview concerning Counter-Strike: Global Offensive !


Company: Valve


ESL : Dear Chet, can you introduce yourself to our readers and explain your position and your tasks at Valve ?

Chet FALISZEK : Officially my title is writer but at Valve no one does just one thing so it always gets hard to describe what your actual role is at Valve. For now I’ll just say trying to help make CS:GO the best version of CS.

ESL : Since the beta closed of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you are one of the main employee of Valve which communicate with the differents eSport websites. It was the same for Counter-Strike 1.6 (HL1) and/or Counter-Strike Source (HL2) ?

Chet FALISZEK : Back then we more or less released the game and talked with people after the release. With CS:GO we are trying to involve the communities more up front. There is such a rich history and legacy of CS we realize people have a sense of ownership and want to help shape the future of CS. This is why the beta may be rougher than people are used to.
This has its advantages and disadvantages. It lets us keep the development fluid but often people mistake the absence of a feature to mean it won’t be in the game. Spectating is a good example. It is coming, but we are still developing the game not just polishing it so that feature just isn’t finished yet.

ESL : And what's your favourite platform between consoles and PC for CS:GO ?

Chet FALISZEK : I am a PC gamer. While I play games on the console, when I am at home with time to spare I am going into my office and playing on the PC. I have been currently playing a bunch of CS:GO using an anonymous account to hide my identity. The community so far has been great and I can’t wait until more people can get in..

ESL : We can see on different webites and forums that the final version of the game will be available from the summer, it's true ? Why the beta open has been delayed ?

Chet FALISZEK : Things seem to be tracking towards summer but we are willing to wait as long as we need to. We aren’t ready for everyone in the beta yet because we are still testing 3rd party server code. Until that gets hammered out and more people can run servers, we need to keep the player count smaller.
Even then, since this is a real beta and the code is really changing – we sometimes introduce crashes. It is not our intention but it happens in an active code base. Before the beta goes really big, we want to stabilize the code base and make sure players have a good experience.

ESL : CS:GO is still in beta version but does the Valve team is already working on another opus or it's really too early ?

Chet FALISZEK : Way, way, way, way too early. We focus on the game at hand. We haven’t even started worrying about the next maps etc – let’s get this version right first.

ESL : Thank you very much for your answers ! If you want add something to our readers, do not hesitate. ;)

Chet FALISZEK : To everyone in the community - thanks for all your feedback so far. Not only has this experience been a beta for the game but how we interact with the CS community. We are learning and trying to get things right, we are listening.

// Your ESL Admin Team
FuRaX, Saturday, 28/04/12 19:18
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Nice intervieuw :D
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