EAS Division 1 going live soon!!!
After a period of first division matches, the playoffs bracket and the relegation mathces the teams are ready to go now for the third season of EAS Division 1!
The ESL Pro Series playoffs are over and the teams are ready to start the season! Make sure you tune in and check these teams fight for a place in the EPS!

1. Antwerp Aces
2. Rodcad.Gaming
3. OG!EN
4. eSpartan
5. team-ins
6. Banaan&Yellow
7. distenzia CS 1.6

*NOTE: The following maps will be followed during EAS Division 1 Season 3!

- Default Date + 6 days = Match playday
- Matches can be moved (-1 day) (+ 6 days)
- 2 Minor penalty points for both teams if their is no match agreement before the end of the playday.
Use the match matchchat to negotiate. Put the match in protest if you don't play on the default date so we THE ADMINS know of it. We will approve your request and set the match to the corret paramaters.

EXCEPTION: Wildcard! This allows you to move the playday to another week.

Example: 3rd playday is sunday 14/11.
Todo: play before 20/11 23:59.

Maps Round 1: de_dust2

Round 2: de_inferno

Round 3: de_train

Round 4: de_nuke

Round 5: de_tuscan

Round 6: de_dust2

Round 7: de_inferno

Round 8: de_train

Round 9: de_nuke

Round 10: de_tuscan

Round 11: de_dust2

Round 12: de_inferno

Round 13: de_nuke

Round 14: de_train

sirrrr, Sunday, 07/11/10 13:40
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