ESL Baltics - Meet the e-Stars: Panky
ESL Baltics wants to introduce a new interviews series. First interview is with Chris 'Panky' Pankhurst. Panky is a freelance shoutcaster for League of Legends who is approaching his first year in business!

First of all, the question everyone wants the answer to. What happened to you and Curse? Why did you decide not to resign Curses new contract?

The plans that Curse had had changed since when we originally entered into our deal so while they have been very good to me in the 6 months I was there we had reached a point the setup was no longer beneficial for either party. Its also the start of a new year and with the LCS on the horizon it was nice to get a fresh start.

In your Facebook status you said you`ll give us some updates in the next few months. Are there some news you can tell us now?

I am talking to multiple different organisations about my future and the plans it will hold. That is all that cant be revealed at this time.

Have you talked to Riot about working in Riot? And if yes, is that something we might see soon? Riot Panky?

I talk to rioters on a daily basis on a personal level, as for a professional one its still too early to say.

About your casting, what is the difference between you and other casters?

I'm told I bring a relaxed atmosphere to casting with my soothing voice but at the same time I can ramp things up when a fight breaks out and still keep everything clear as things start to get wild.

Why do you love casting so much?

I love watching League, I love learning from pro players and I love showing others how they can too. Casting is the best of all those worlds

Do you think you got what it takes to become a "Pro player" ?

Not even close

Which do you love more, tricast or duocast and why?

I have never been part of a Tricast so there is only one answer I can give to that. Having a good tricast needs 3 casters who are very used to working with each other and is not something that just anyone can do.

Who is your favourite pro player and who is your favourite caster?

I can't say I have a favorite pro player they are all awsome in their own specials ways. Same thing with casters everyone brings their own flavour to the table. That being said Deman/Jatt is the best combo for a reason.

How did you meet Wolves Bjergsen? What do you think about him?

I met him at Dreamhack and Northcon he is a cool guy and a great player and now that Wolves have a spot in season 3 its great for him.

About your streaming, will you keep doing that or is that a temporary thing?

This is something I want to do more often now that I have some more free time so follow the channel!

Kristjan, Sunday, 27/01/13 18:35
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