Balkan League
Beside the great weather and the Balkan Peninsula, starting this fall there will be something new. Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece and Romania is presenting the gamers community another great competition under the name of ‘Balkan League’. The Balkan League is an eSports tournament presented by the Electronic Sports League in its first year.

Balkan League concept is the result of the community cooperation between the Balkan countries as Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania. The best teams and players from these four countries will compete in an organized tournament, fighting for glory against top gaming teams. The Balkan league is the playground for Balkan nations’ best gamers.

Counter Strike 1.6 – 5on5 competition

Four teams from each country will compete in the Counter Strike competition, fighting in one of the most exclusive tournament. With a 10-year history, Counter Strike is one of the greatest shooters that ever created, with an impressive community worldwide.

Defense of the Ancients – 5on5 competition

DotA has one of the biggest communities around the world with 6 million active players. Four teams per country will fight for the title “Balkan DotA Champion”.

FIFA 2009 – 1on1 competition

One of the best selling gaming titles released this year was FIFA 2009 by Electronic Arts. With a good and competitive community of players in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Croatia we decided to choose this discipline in order to give the best FIFA players in the world the chance to compete in an international tournament.

Counter Strike 1.6 – 5on5 Female competition

Female gaming has always been attracting the masses. ESL Balkan League will invite the best female teams from the region to compete for honor and glory.

Tournament Structure

ESL Balkan League will have three stages:

  • Qualifiers (EPS and national cups)
  • Group Stage
  • and Playoffs.

  • Qualifiers will start from 1st of September - more information about slot distribution and national cups you can be found on your ESL pages. The group stage is scheduled from October 5th till November 15th followed by playoffs which will decide the Balkan Champions in each discipline. Stay tuned on ESL for more information and start practicing for the qualifiers coming up in September.

    vpap, Saturday, 15/08/09 12:03
    CS 1.6 Section
    DotA Section
    FIFA09 Section
    Female Series
    comments (34)
    nice!@ gj!
    nice :) gl guys
    lets go
    yeKe YekE :) Good luck!
    Can someone explain to me how come Greece is considered in Balkan, but Serbia isn't?
    nice :)
    The reason is very simple! Serbia has no ESL Partner! for that reason we decide to start only with countries which have partners!
    no wc3, not interested
    hf at greece :)
    add wc3 and Serbia.. so what if we dont have partners? we have private investors
    For upcoming season i wait both Macedonia and QuakeLive to be added!
    BAJA, Mare - we`ll add some additional countries in the following seasons for sure. Serbia has great eSport teams and we know that, same as in FYROM, Bosna and Herzegovina and Albania. We simply can`t start with so many countries involved since we are totaly unaware of the possible problems, that will came out. This is the first international league build by partners and not by Turtle, so we are quite "scared" at that point. You can be sure, that we`ll do everything to bring all those countries in ESL Balkan League, as well as some new games like CSS, CoD etc.
    Add wc3 & Serbia.. would surely be the right move
    You should add Slovenia & Serbia ;)
    Get atlast retards add serbia and bosnia....dont add FYROM , go greece!
    1 edits
    RibljaCorba why not add Macedonia? Because you are afraid we will take again some big tournament like Kode5 or Dreamhack?
    Anyway GL with the league and hope we will have the opportunity to play in the upcoming seasons.
    1 edits
    First because Macedonia is Greek, so you see we are all ready in! And yes you will have the opportunity ti play in the next season!
    @RibljaCorba why not add Macedonia?@
    I said FYROM not macedonia...
    1 edits
    gl hf boy and girls <3
    RibljaCorba it's not about what name I or you wrote, you know of whom I am speaking, it's about the fear you have of us as it seems. I'll update you on future Serbian tournaments so you know which Serbian team will finish just below us.
    ENTiTY helius,if ur coming back to Serbia you shouldn't be so cocky,anyway I'm sure there is place in this league for Serbia and fyrom teams/players.

    @vpap well hopefully this is going to be succes,looking forward for 2nd season then,anyway you should add WC3 no matter if u add Serbia in f irst season.
    jedan je krgula kapiten !
    We can not change the games in the first season, we have to see what games are playing most in the Balkan States! I hope to have in the next season of course more games and for sure we will have more countries!
    hmm, about the rules, must all 5 players of the team that are presenting the country be there nationality, or is it like wcg rules min 3 playerS?
    min 3 players!
    good luck and hf from austria!
    gl and hf :)
    hf :)
    GL & HF Alll ^_^
    gl hf people :)
    Hope to see slovenia&serbia in next season...and quakelive is a must!! :)
    Idiot politics even in a game
    Go girls :> GO ROMANIA! <3
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