team-imex vs. x3m Gaming
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 x3m Gaming
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MatchID 16116928
Date Tuesday, 17/11/09 19:00
Calculated 19/11/09 08:18
map DotA Allstars v6.64
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1 : 2
x3m Gaming wins !
Points 0 : +2
comments (18)
Match format is bo3. Don't forget to upload replays and screenshots after match end.
def date then,I just gotta check can we play at 19:00.If we can't we can move it to 20:00 or 21:00 if It's ok?
19:00 cet is great
We can't 19:00, 21:00 is time that suits us at Tuesday, is that ok with you?
If not go Monday 21:00 then?
tuesday 21:00 is ok.
Sadly, after speaking to team-mates, 21:00 won't work for us.
I`m afraid we`ll have to play at default time.
We can't play at 19:00....U were supposed to speak with your team when there was a time for postpone, not 2(4) hours before match.
Can we play it tommorow then maybe? admins?
I didn't see that u wrote that yesterday, nvm this 2(4) hours before match part.
I don't think that we can play this match any before 20:30 today, Il'l ask admins can we play it tommorow..
Tommorow 20:00 cet, talked with leader of IGG and utherx.
ok we talked about game, and we will play sunday at 19-00 cet, i talked with leader of IMEX
Not possible to play on Sunday. Today is last possible day to play!
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ok we will play today at 20-00 cet, like we said before.
kk.we wont be able to host btw.
igg won 2:1 gg wp
It is good to upload replays if you have
It's 2:1 not 2:0 but w/e...
haha nvm my commment, I just noticed how stupid I am ;)
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