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Hello to all Gamers,Well I write there because I am searching help from Offcial Administrator to ESL.
My problem :
I am a player of the gameVietcong (very old game, but a minimum 
active) for which I attach greatinterest and love despite age 
of this game, because it datesfrom 2003. 
We have a very limited activityon this game due to innactivite 
and his date, but despiteeverything we try to do everything to 
keep it alive except that wehave a big problem. 
The Directors of this game areEuropeans, and will do nothing 
facing a player who is killingthe game 
The player in question continuesto insult the few players remaining on 
this game to banned them fromgame servers, and to make a shit fuck .
I reported this problem severaltimes to the Directors who have 
never lifted a finger, I'm evencoming to the conclusion that they
would let this game perish. 
Being the leader of the lastFrench Clan active on this game I make a call 
you and your assistance to helpus cope with this problem, a 
majority of the players leftthis game because of insults and 
behavior of this player, and ifwe fail to do something 
thing, it will simply sink. 
Immagine that I been up toreceive 2 penalty points for 
insult this player in 4different languages, while in return he 
can insult whoever he wants, andkick / ban players from Servers 
game, and I do not think it'sfair. 
I decided to move a bit bycreating a dedicated Team inactive on game 
to serve as petition for Banthis player has had to formally ESL 
bad behavior and mentality. 
We discussed at parties withmembers of his team 
apologized for his behavior buthave never done anything more 
to put him out, their team isvery good, they are very nice 
and play well, which givespleasure to play a game on that date, 
and you can immagine that ofinsults quickly became a very 
big problem on a game that hasalmost no activity! 
So I ask to all of you from the heart to join thepetition: 
Clan Name: Die of Pitu de Luxe 
Web Link:http://www.esl.eu/eu/team/5838648 # / eu/team/5838648 / 
Password: killhim 
I am aware that you do not playthis game, but I ask 
a significant number of membersin this team that I could 
provide evidence of good liverwhat I say and to participate 
survival of a game 
I guess you have great fun to playingmany games, has 
have an intense competition, ameeting of teams, players, 
laugh at the microphone, makingjokes, has a good time .... 
I have exactly the same passionfor my game, I ask you to 
Using the heart. 
If it is also possible to havethe support of an administration 
ESL official it would give meenormous pleasure to help us 
Web Link of the Game:http://www.esl.eu/eu/vc/ 

You can immediately see that wedo not have many leagues or 
Players, which is why I ask yourhelp, it does demand that 3 to 4 clicks 
up to join the petition. 

I hope to recieve your answers,and thank you for taking the time to me 
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